Seeing the tremendous smoke coming out of the bombs may excite you towards making one, but for that you need to learn the process first. Know how to make smoke bombs with this article.

How To Make Smoke Bombs

Your neighborhood friend brought a smoke bomb the last time the two of you were playing and ignited it to show you his marvelous little work of art. As soon as he lighted the bomb, there was an out flux of smoke. While you were startled by his work of art, deep down inside you felt jealous of him and felt like making one yourself. But there was a little problem in that — you didn’t know how were the smoke bombs actually made? Well, not anymore though, for we help you with your task. Of course, there are great varieties of them available in the market but making some on you own is ultra overwhelming. They are easy to make and require few ingredients. The smoke bombs which you purchase from the market are generally made up from potassium chlorate, sugar, sodium bicarbonate and a powdered organic dye. These bombs have tiny holes through which the smoke and dye are fired out. What’s more, you can also add color to them, thus coming up with a colorful smoke explosion. In the following lines, check out how to make smoke bombs.  
Making Smoke Bombs
Potassium Nitrate & Sugar Method
Things Required
  • Potassium Nitrate (Saltpeter)
  • Dark Brown Sugar
  • Baking Soda
  • Gloves
  • Soda Can
  • Strings
  • Light Glue
  • The very first step is to put the safety gloves on.
  • Take saltpeter and sugar; put them separately into a grinder. Make a very fine powder out of the same. Remember the powder must be very thin in texture otherwise the ingredients may burn out. Also avoid sparks when you are grinding them.
  • Now start mixing these two powders together. Take three parts of saltpeter and two parts of brown sugar in terms of weight.
  • Add a tablespoon of baking soda into the mixture and pour this powder into the soda can.
  • Now take a string and soak it in a lighter fluid for sometime.
  • Stick the string on the top of the soda can with the help of light glue. It is always advisable to keep the string longer.
  • Just place the bomb in a safer place and fire the string.
  • Have fun seeing the terrific smoke come out of the smoke bomb.
Confection Carton Method
Things Required
  • Confection Carton
  • Knife
  • Gloves
  • Ethanol
  • Fuel (match heads, black powder, or other flammable material)
  • Pot
  • Thin Papers
  • Fuse (black match)
  • Before you jump onto making a smoke bomb, it is advisable for you to put on the safety gloves.
  • Using a knife, cut the confection carton to make bands out of the same, in width of 2 cm and almost of the same size as that of the can.
  • Take a pot, put ethanol and fuel of your choice in the same. Stir it continuously and thoroughly to make a fine solution.
  • Now soak the previously made bands in this solution (leaving some extra) and again start stirring.
  • Place the pot somewhere outside to let the evaporation of ethanol to take place. Make sure only bands with fuel material is left in the pot after the evaporation of ethanol.
  • Now, drill some holes in the can to let the air pass and smoke to eject out. Next take thin papers and cut them in a cylindrical shape. Put these papers inside the can in a way that it covers all the tiny holes and prevent fuel powder from leakage.
  • Fill the entire can with bands and make sure no free space is left between bands.
  • Leave 0.5 cm free space on the top, now load this space with remaining fuel powder and ensure no space is left.  
  • Drill another hole considering the diagonal size of you fuse in the opening of the can and push 1/3 of the fuse inside the can.
  • Close the opening of the can really hard and your powerful smoke bomb is ready. Enjoy.
  • You can also use paper towels in place of a fuse to light the bomb.
  • In place of ethanol, water can also be used but it takes really long to evaporate.
  • The more holes you will drill, the faster your smoke bomb will burst out.
  • Be very careful while covering the can with bands.
After reading this, what is the first word that strikes your mind? Easy, isn’t it? Making smoke bombs is quite easy, if you have the correct ingredients and following accurate procedure carefully. Have fun with the smoky act!

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