What’s a beach wedding without any color, really, what is it? Breeze through this article to know more about popular color themes for beach weddings.

Beach Wedding Colors

When you are looking to get hooked, especially for the rest of your life, you might as well do so in style. Style, after all, is what helps differentiate one stylish individual from another not-so-stylish individual. Speaking about style, if you are headed towards making your wedding a style statement, the beach should top your priorities. This is because as far as weddings go, hardly anything comes close to being as classy and as sophisticated as a beach wedding. With beach weddings, to guarantee the success of the same, you might want to zero in on the right colors. In fact, you can have the best of everything at the wedding. Nevertheless, if you go wrong with the colors, you really don’t have anything. Your beach wedding may just go from being the talk of the town, to being the joke of the same. Paying attention to colors thus makes for a very important item on your to-do list. Go ahead and read on to discover valuable insights on the classiest color themes for beach weddings.
Color Themes For Beach Weddings
Yellow! Yellow! The More The Mellow
Yellow makes for one of the most popular colors to be used as the prime color at a beach wedding. It looks pleasing to the eye and also stands to represent joy, goodness and prosperity. When using yellow as a principle color at a beach wedding, make it a point to use lighter tones of the same. Light tones or shades of yellow can serve as a perfect backdrop for floral arrangements. Explosive tones of yellow will not do justice to the purpose of using it as a beach wedding color. However, if you are bent on using dark tones of yellow, you can do so by pairing the yellows with darker tones of green. In fact, as far as green goes, olive green should be your tone of choice.
Baby Blue
As far as beach colors go, most people try staying away from baby blue because they falsely assume that it is a color that will not look good on the beach, especially with the blue sea being too close. However, this is hardly the truth because baby blue when paired with the brown beach sand makes for a heavenly combination of colors. In fact, if you use and distribute the color well, it may just look like the sea is a part of the wedding.
Purple And Pink
With purple, there hardly exists room for mistakes. In other words, with purple you can never really go wrong. Purple is almost always used for beach weddings that are held in the summer, but this does not mean that it cannot be used during any other time of the year. Organizers of beach weddings use purple as primary colors because not only is it good to look at, but it also represents class and sophistication. As for the flowers and the color purple, you might want to stick to pink flowers. Pink flowers look best when arranged against a purple backdrop.
Red, Instead  

Since the limelight rests on classic beach colors, it wouldn’t be right to conclude without focusing on red as a color for a beach wedding. Everyone knows that there are different shades of red. But then again, what matters most is to pick the shade of red you know you are going to love the most. In any case, with red as your principal color and white as the auxiliary one, your beach wedding has got to be a dream one. In fact, red and white has been a combination that has never really gone out of vogue. Opt for it if you are looking to have an overtly classy beach wedding.

Now that you can distinguish classy beach colors from the not so classy ones, you are bound to be the expert at putting classy beach weddings together. If you just happen to be the one getting married, the beach and the right color for the wedding should occupy top spots on your wish list.

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