There are a number of interesting facts about Australia that most of the people in the world do not know about. Read on to explore the fun facts about Australia.

Facts about Australia

Australia, gradually being discovered by more and more students and tourists, is one of the best destinations in the world, from both study and travel point of view. Counted amongst the largest countries of the world, it is the place known for its long coastline, pristine beaches, ancient castles, Sydney Opera House and The Great Barrier Reef. It stands divided into 6 states, namely New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia, and each one of them promises to make your trip exciting as well as memorable. Apart from the above mentioned six states, there are two major mainland territories—the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which more or less function as states, but the Commonwealth Parliament can override any legislation of their parliaments. To help you know Australia better, we have provided a number of fun facts about it in the following lines.  
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Interesting Facts about Australia
  • Australia is the largest inhabited island as well as the smallest and the least populated continent of the world.
  • It is the only English-speaking country in the world that has made voting compulsory in federal and state elections.
  • The secret ballot box, which is so widely used in democracies these days, was first initiated in Victoria, in the year 1856.
  • Australia boasts of being home to the largest electorate in the world, Kalgoorlie (2,255,278 square kilometers).
  • The longest stretch of railways in the world, measuring 478.4 kilometers in length, is situated in Western Australia, between the towns of Ooldia and Nurina.
  • The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is the longest coral reef in the world, measuring over 2,012.5 km.
  • Australia has a total coastline of 36,735 kilometers.
  • There is no place in Australia that has a distance of more than 1000 km from the sea.
  • The first radio station in Australia was built in 1912 and the first television station was built in 1956.
  • Sydney’s Opera House was designed in 1957 by Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect. Its roof weighs more than 161,000 tons.
  • Sydney Tower is 324.8m above sea level at its centre point, making it the highest building in the entire southern hemisphere.
  • There are more than 150 million sheep in Australia and only around 20 million people.
  • The largest meteorite crater in the world, Wolf Creek, is situated in Western Australia. It is 61m deep and has a diameter of 853.44m.
  • Sydney had the privilege of being the venue of the Olympic Games in the year 2000.
  • Australia boasts of having one of the highest degrees of urban concentration in the world.
  • Melbourne has a public holiday for a horse race each year, known as ‘The Melbourne Cup’.
  • Australia has the largest cattle station (ranch) in the world, which measures around 30,028 sq km. Its size is almost the same as that of Belgium.
  • Tasmania boasts of having the cleanest air in the world.
  • The second largest population of Greeks in the world lives in Melbourne, second only to Athens. 
  • Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal, wool, alumina, diamonds, sheep, lead, refined zinc ores and mineral sands.

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