Explore the scenic beauty and the richness of Adelaide which provides an assortment of tourist attractions. Read further to find about the things to do and places to see in Adelaide.

Adelaide Attractions

Location:  South Australia
Language: English
Best Time to Visit: December to February
Time Zone: ACST (UTC+9:30) 
Driving Side: Left
Main Attractions: Museums, Victoria Square, Cathedral, Botanical Gardens, Beaches, Discotheques and Adventure Sports
Adelaide, the capital city of Southern Australia, has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attraction. This wine region is especially a favorite hot spot for wine lovers. The city takes pride in offering both conventional classic of the bygone era and the contemporary times, to entertain its visitors. Adelaide is a delight for all kinds of people, as it offers variety. From history to adventure, from churches to pubs- it would make an ideal destination place for all. Read further to find about some must-see places, and must-do things, when you are at Adelaide.
History Rewind!! (Museums)
The Ayers Historic House Museum and South Australian Museum are the places where you would taste the Australian history at its best. The Ayers Historic House Museum is one of the finest examples of regency architecture in Australia. The interior gives a definite feel of the bygone era. The museum has superb collections of period furniture, decorative arts, silver and artwork as well as changing exhibitions on display. The South Australian Museum also boasts of aboriginal Melanesian and Egyptian Antiques. The pre historic and natural history collections are also of a world class nature. Get a feel of the earlier century while you are traveling this beautiful city.
Charm of the City!! (Victoria Square)
The Victoria Square is a public square named after Princess Victoria. In the center of the square is a statue of Queen Victoria. There is a fountain in the north of the square and the famous Adelaide Central Market is situated to the west of the square. It is circumvented by a number of important public institutions, like the Courts of Adelaide, the Treasury and the Adelaide General Post Office. The Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St Francis Xavier is located on the eastern side. The place also has a lovely garden, which provides a great place to stroll and take in fresh air.
Time to Pray!! (St. Peter’s Cathedral)
Situated in the North Adelaide, St. Peter’s Cathedral imposes neo-Gothic feel with its twin spires and fine stained glass windows. The powerful eight-bell carillon rings on festive days and imparts an eternal bliss to the place. The Cathedral is open from 9.30 am until 4.00 pm daily, for private prayers, and free tours are conducted on Sundays, at 2.30 pm. The cathedral offers religious respite to travelers. Apart from St. Peter’s Cathedral, there are also a lot of churches and places of worship in Adelaide.
Uncork the Green Belt!!
The Adelaide belt offers a respite to the parched eyes, with its scenic beauty and greenery all around. There are a lot of gardens with a rich display of subtropical and Mediterranean flora and fauna. A particular attraction is the Bicentennial Conservatory, which has plants from the Asia Pacific region. Some of the other botanical gardens are Adelaide Botanical Garden, Mt Lofty Botanical Garden, Wittunga Botanical Garden, Black Hill Conservation Park and Belair National Park, the first large nature reserve in Adelaide.
Rock and Roll!! (Pubs, Bars and Discotheque)
The perfect place to relax your body, with the finest wine available and the music which makes you sway to its beat; Universal Wine Bar provides party goers all the fun which they seek. The bar is the hottest place to be in once you are in Adelaide. It has a terrific ambience and some good food and wine. It provides an unmatched dining experience which is a delight for disco freaks. Among other discos which a tourist can visit include Bar Meze Disco, Soda Room Bar, Q bar, PJO Breins, etc.
Adventure Unfolds Here!!
Skydiving, fishing, surfing on the waters, ballooning, sailing, fast track racing and golfing! There is an endless array of adventures in this beautiful city. It is a pleasure for people who love sport. The city offers you a thrill of the lifetime. From diving into the underwater to viewing nature from a high angle to driving a car at over a speed of 240km/hr, the experience is amazing. The Paintball Park is also one of the perfect places to hangout with friends. All the sport activities leave your heart thumping and provide you an experience that would make you go ballistic. If you are an adventure freak, then Adelaide is the right place.
Coast to Coast!! (Beaches)
Adelaide has exceptionally clean and sandy beaches. Glenelg is a highly developed ocean-side suburb of the city. The calm ocean waters and piers create a much different atmosphere. It is a pleasant area with a pier, cafes, pubs, pony rides for the kids. The other beaches where you might go include Aldinga Beach, Maslin Beach and Moana Beach. Popular with locals, visitors and tourists in Adelaide, the golden beaches are an ideal place to relax, sunbathe, swim or snorkel. Adelaide's beaches often feature strong waves, making them extremely popular for surfing.

Victoria Square Adelaide  
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