The rise of eco hotels owes to the fact that they contribute significantly in improving the environment. Read the article below to know why you should choose an eco-hotel.

Eco Hotels

Did you know that the amount of resources used by an average hotel in a week, with as many as 150 guest rooms, is tantamount to the resources used by 100 families in one year? It won’t be a surprise if you find that hard to believe. Electricity is wasted to an unimaginable extent as the lights are kept on almost all the time. The sheets that are changed daily lead to a sinful waste of water, electricity, soap and manpower. Providing toiletries for each guest leads to yet another criminal waste of products and packaging. Much worse is the blatant waste of food which is simply thrown away instead of being given away to the needy. Land, water and energy have a limited availability. If such wasteful use of resources continues unabated, it can leave a disastrously irreversible impact on our environment. In view of curbing the excessive consumption of energy and electricity, the hospitality industry has come up with a novel concept of ‘eco-hotels’ which aims to reduce their carbon footprint. Eco-hotels are designed in a way that ensures minimal impact to the environment. In essence, they espouse what is known as the ‘green living’ philosophy. For instance, they make use of energy-efficient lighting, recycle newspapers and harness solar or wind power. The environmentally friendly initiatives also help the hotels by saving money and resources without compromising on the quality. Undoubtedly, this would go a long way in making the earth a safer place to live on, and hopefully, for posterity. So, the next time you search for lodging, insist on an eco-hotel. To know more on why you ought to do that, read the article below on the importance of choosing an eco-hotel.
Why Choose An Eco-Hotel
  • By choosing an eco-hotel you can contribute towards maintaining the natural ecological balance in the environment. You help in preserving the planet and its natural systems and precious resources.
  • You conserve energy, resources and money as eco-hotels ensure that water and electricity are not wasted.
  • As unwanted items are sent for recycling and the recycled products are then purchased, you can help in reducing the cost of production. This helps in reducing the use of energy as more energy is needed to manufacture products from virgin raw material.
  • As eco-hotels save on waste disposal by reducing wasteful consumption of resources and diverting waste from landfills for recycling, your decision can free valuable land meant for landfills for other uses.
  • You can play a small but significant role as you help reduce pollution and the carbon footprint that are left behind. 
  • As eco-hotels endeavor to create better quality environment and air, this can save 2 million premature deaths worldwide every year caused by air pollution. Pollutants like lead are associated with behavioral problems and lowered IQ in young children.
  • The use of organic products not only protects valuable sources of medicinal herbs and plants, but also the health of other natural goods which are not contaminated with chemicals. This ultimately has a positive impact on your health.
  • When you choose an eco-hotel you reduce the overall pollution that is created. And this is certainly easier and cheaper than clearing up the pollution after the mess is created.

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