Dry shampoo is a good alternative for wet shampoo especially in case of emergencies. Read on to know what is dry shampoo and some homemade recipes for the same.

Dry Shampoo Recipes

Are you having a tad too many bad hair days these days? And not because you have had a bad haircut or something like that, but because you are not finding time to shampoo your hair. The problem with our lifestyle is that it gives us so many luxuries but doesn’t give us enough time to enjoy them. We have become a slave to the clock. Sometimes it happens that you may not find time to shampoo every time you bathe. It may be because shampooing takes time and you may not find that time every day. Sometimes we are scared to shampoo everyday because of harmful chemicals. It may also be because you may not be able to go out with wet hair and don’t want to use blow dry everyday because blow dry also makes hair weaker. Daily shampooing, blow-drying, and styling can make your hair weaker and cause extra damage. They may be many more reasons you could find not to shampoo. However, the problem with our hair that it gets dirty easily what with all the pollution and the dirt. Our hair also gets oily because of the oil secreted by sebaceous glands attached to your hair follicles. So what can you do to clean your hair without shampoo? Put a paper bag over your head or probably shave your head? Fortunately, now you don’t have to go to extreme measures for cleaning your hair. You have your own jinnee now, which can clean your hair without a drop of water and in very less time. It is called as dry shampoo. Explore the following pointers to know what is dry shampoo and to know some homemade recipes for the same.
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What Is Dry Shampoo 
Dry shampoo is actually a powdery substance, which is used to clean the hair without the use of water and customary shampoo. It absorbs the dirt and oil from the hair without the use of water and makes the hair fresh and dirt free. It is a great pick especially in the time of emergencies and while you are travelling. There are various dry shampoos available in the market some in powder and some in spray form. You can also prepare dry shampoo on your own. However one thing which you need to remember is when you are buying a dry shampoo is that you shouldn’t replace the customary wet shampoo altogether with it. Remember to use it only twice or thrice a week and no more than that. For applying dry shampoo, either pour, directly on your head or take one portion in your hand and then apply it. After you have applied it, rub it on your scalp thoroughly. Now using a comb, move it through your hair. Once the powder has set in and thoroughly spread across the hair, let it set for few minutes. Now flip your hair over the sink or the tub, otherwise the room may get dirty, and brush the hair from roots to tips until the powder is completely removed. You will be left with clean and healthy hair instantly.
Homemade Dry Shampoo Recipes
Cornstarch Cornmeal
You can make your own homemade dry shampoo. All you need is a few spoon of cornstarch or cornmeal. Take a little cornstarch or cornmeal on your hands (don’t take too much as it can get messy) and dab it on your hair especially around your roots and on the oily part of your hair. Now brush it out with a comb thoroughly and your hair would be as good as freshly washed.
Oatmeal Dry Shampoo    
Oatmeal can also be as an ingredient of dry shampoo. You can mix some herbs like crushed aloe Vera or basil leaves to add in the extra effects. You could also add a pinch of baking soda for fresh smell. All you need to do is to sprinkle a little oatmeal and let it set for five minutes. Now brush it off with a comb.

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