Deep breathing exercises help in increasing lifespan and also facilitate in improving overall health.

Deep Breathing Benefits

Most of us lead a hasty life which includes increased pressure, lack of physical movement and exercise. However, there are several exercises that help in harmonizing both the body and breath. These exercises have the power to give you an attractive and fresh look. One of the many exercises that will help you greatly is ‘deep breathing’. Deep breathing exercises help in increasing lifespan and also facilitate in improving overall health. Many of us unwittingly cause harm to ourselves by breathing in a method called the ‘shallow method’. In this method, the most important part of our lungs are not made use of entirely, and only the part of the lungs close to the stomach is made use of, and that too, irregularly. However, when the ‘deep breathing’ technique is used, all parts of the lungs are used. Many of us do this involuntarily as we do not know the benefits and also have not practiced the exact method of deep breathing. This article will educate you on the multiple benefits of deep breathing. Read on to know more.  
Health Benefits Of Deep Breathing
  • Deep Breathing helps one to have relaxed bowel movements. If this method is practiced regularly every day, one may have free bowel movements and all the waste will be flushed out without any uneasiness. This technique will also help in easing conditions like constipation.
  • Deep breathing removes stress and anxiety from one’s mind and this in turn helps one be calm and composed.  
  • Deep breathing is beneficial to the lymphatic system.
  • Deep breathing detoxifies the whole body and removes the impurities present in the blood.
  • This technique is very useful in bringing high blood pressure back to normalcy. High blood pressure is one of the most dreaded maladies which can cause sudden heart attacks and even lead to death. People with high blood pressure can practice the techniques of deep breathing to stay fit.
  • Deep breathing fortifies intestinal muscles.
  • People with nervous weakness can greatly benefit from deep breathing techniques. Nervous weakness impedes speech and deep breathing can help in overcoming this weakness.
  • Deep breathing helps in increasing metabolism.
  • In children, deep breathing can help in improving mental ability, ability to think faster and also helps in improving level of concentration.
  • Deep breathing stimulates hormones in the body which make the body feel relaxed all through the day. It also alleviates muscle and joint pain.
  • It increases the level of oxygen in the body and so there is an equal supply of oxygen to all the organs of the body.
  • Deep breathing helps in the revitalization of the endocrine glands, principally the pituitary and pineal glands.
  • This exercise allows the body to take in more oxygen and discharge more carbon dioxide. This leads to many health benefits such as slowing of heart rate, and relaxation of the muscles.
  • When exercising too fast or too slow, the body doesn't receive sufficient oxygen and burns glycogen instead of fat. Deep breathing reinforces the cardiovascular system so that one is able to work out aerobically, and ably burn fat.

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