If you are hunting for holiday activities to keep your kids occupied, then try these interesting children’s holiday activities and have some fun.

Children's Holiday Activities

As soon as the vacation season steps up and schools shut down, anxious mums are often left with one big question, “How do I keep my child occupied?” Well, vacations don’t have to be a dreaded season for moms and dads, but only if they know how to keep their tykes creatively involved or happily occupied. With the holidays usually stretching up to a month and more, parents are under great pressure to enroll their kids in all kinds of camps and hobby classes like swimming, skating, singing, salsa and more. Result, tired and bored kids! Well, before you walk in with your kids to the infinite workshops and seminars, stop and answer this question first- “Does your kid really like to swim or dance?” Remember, it is no good pushing your child into things that is of little interest to him/her. What’s more, almost all hobby classes are packed with kids and are rarely well supervised. If you really wish to save your kids from turning into couch potatoes, then engage them in something enjoyable and educational this holiday. Try the following activities and get your kids occupied. Your little ones are going to love these activities and leave you grinning as well!
Holiday Activities For Children 
  • Looking for exciting ways to keep your kids occupied this holiday season? If yes, then try scrapbooking. If your kids are creatively inclined, then it is never too soon to introduce them to the creative craft of scrapbooking.  Just hoard up your old and new, funny and memorable pictures and other interesting keepsakes and mementos, and get your kids creating a scrapbook, which they can look back fondly for years to come.
  • If your kid loves his greens and likes to plant them too, then what better way to beat the holiday boredom blues then get on with some simple organic gardening. Your kids can start with radish, spinach or yummy cherry tomatoes, and can use your backyard, terrace or spare containers to kick off with their green gardening mission. You will be truly amazed to see how much your tiny tykes are going to love this activity.
  • Does your kid love to fly paper airplanes on the dinner table or row paper sail boats on a rainy day? Well, if you can’t help but marvel at your kid’s dexterity with paper structures, you can put his skills to better use by introducing him to the fascinating paper folding art of ‘origami’. Origami is an intriguing craft that can keep your bored kids on their fingers (literally) all day long. All you have to do is buy an origami book and introduce your kids to the wonders of this captivating craft.
  • Wondering how to keep your “bored to death” tots from turning into couch potatoes? Try board games and see them spend hours rolling their dice. Board games like ‘monopoly’, ‘scrabble’, ‘battleship’, ‘twister’, ‘pictionary’ etc. are perfect ways to keep your kids occupied on a rainy day.  
  • If your kids love to doodle with colors, then you can buy them a coloring book or a canvass and some colors to boost their hobby. This won’t just keep them busy for hours, but will also boost the artist in them. If you are one of those creative moms and dads who love to paint as well, you can teach your kids some interesting art forms like sponge painting, finger painting and more.
  • If your kid is a big bookworm and cannot take his eyes off from books, you can take him/her to your neighborhood library and encourage him/her to read various kinds of books. However, make sure that the books they read are educational and entertaining, and not just another comic strip of their favorite cartoon character.
  • Your kids’ friends are away on a vacation and your child has little to do. Ask him/her to accompany you to the local grocery store, vegetable market or take your pet out for a walk. This won’t just be an interesting break from the tedium, but will also give him/her an opportunity to explore the local stores and streets.
  • Being a mom is a lifetime occupation. However, that does not mean you mind a bit of extra help. Ask your child to help you with household chores like folding clothes, arranging books and toys, drying utensils and more. This won’t just keep your kids occupied, but will also enforce tidiness and discipline in them.

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