Jewish Passover celebrations extend over a week and are marked with social interactions and religious festivities. Read on to know more about celebrating Passover holiday.

Celebrating Passover Holiday

Passover is one of the most beloved Jewish festivals, celebrated by the Jewish communities across the world. It commemorates the exodus of Hebrews from Egypt and their freedom from decades of slavery and celebration. Passover festivities extend to over a week and Jews celebrate this eagerly awaited festival with great enthusiasm and fervor. The festive celebrations encompass eating luscious delicacies and traditional Jewish foods, observing Passover rituals, organizing social get-togethers and playing Passover games. Jews also indulge in creative activities by making beautiful pieces of art work on Passover. Read the article to know more ideas on celebrating the Passover holiday.

Jewish Passover Celebrations

Organizing Passover Seder

Passover Seder, or Passover Feast, is a ritual meal of the Jews, which actually marks the beginning of the weeklong holiday. The Seder is held on the 14th day of Nisan and a variety of traditional Jewish foods is cooked for the same. This family ritual has been prescribed under the Jewish law. Every traditional food item at the Seder holds a deep symbolic meaning and the celebrators are obliged to follow some customs, while having the meal. All the Jewish people in the world celebrate Passover by organizing a grand and delicious meal.

Observing Passover Rituals

The festival of Passover borrows heavily from the age-old and long standing customs, traditions and rituals associated with this occasion. Several of the Passover rituals are associated with the Seder. Seder customs call for drinking four cups of wine as well eating Matza and other symbolic foods that are kept on the Passover Seder plate. It is also customary for the Jews to narrate the story of Exodus from Egypt, while they eat. Painting and thoroughly cleaning the house is also a traditional duty for the Jews.

Making Passover Crafts

Just like many other festivals, Passover is also associated with a range of artistic and creative activities. The celebrations include making beautiful Passover crafts that are symbolic and carry a religious meaning. Particularly, it is common for kids to indulge in making such crafts. Seder plate is an interesting and fascinating craft item for children and they love making artistic plates to display them as decorative showpieces in their living room. Kids are also made to prepare beautiful and ornate pieces of art in schools, during Passover.

Playing Passover Games

Passover is the time when celebrators love to eat, pray, make merry and play fun games. Exciting Passover games are played in all the Jewish households, during this celebration. Get-togethers are arranged on the festival, giving celebrators an opportunity to indulge in fun activities and play interesting games. “Hands up” and “Jeopardy” are some of the very popular games to play on a Passover get-together. Apart from that, there are several games to choose from, depending on the kind of space available and the age of the participants.

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