Ever wondered why your gums start bleeding while brushing your teeth or eating something hard? Read the article given below to know about bleeding gums and treatments for bleeding gums.

Bleeding Gums

The bleeding gums condition is also known as gingivitis. It is a very common, harmless affliction caused by a bacterial infection or because of formation of plaque made up of germs, food remains and saliva. It can also be because of vitamin deficiencies, inflammation, infection, malignancy, trauma and other diseases and abnormal processes. It can occur in anyone at any age. Sometimes, excessive or aggressive brushing can also result in bleeding gums. At times it occurs because of life threatening conditions like oral cancer, hemophilia and leukemia. There are many other causes for bleeding gums, and depending on the cause, it can be cured. If not treated on time, it can even affect the bones. It may create a hollow hole affecting the bone structure that would have to be surgically treated. Healthy teeth and gums are signs of a healthy body. One of the natural ways to heal bleeding gums is to improve the body’s immune system. Continue reading to know more about some useful treatments for bleeding gums.     
Treatment For Bleeding Gums
  • The first and most important treatment for bleeding gums is to maintain a good healthy oral hygiene by brushing your teeth daily, after every meal or snack with a soft toothbrush. Using a hard toothbrush or brushing with a lot of speed will aggravate the bleeding. 
  • You could control bleeding gums by applying pressure with a gauze pad soaked in ice water directly on the bleeding gums.
  • Flossing daily helps eradicate plaque and bacteria that gather between the teeth. If you do not floss then the bacteria and plaque will damage the teeth by decaying them and also cause various gum diseases.
  • Use a mouthwash containing sage oil, peppermint oil, menthol, chamomile tincture, echinacea juice, myrrh tincture, clove oil, and caraway oil. These essential oils and herbs have anti-inflammatory properties that will help eliminate bacteria and prevent the plaque from gathering in your mouth. Avoid alcohol containing mouthwashes since it will worsen the gum’s bleeding.
  • Avoid excess sugar intake. Sugar present in sweet processed snacks and soda can cause tooth decay.
  • Another useful treatment for bleeding gums is to dissolve a pinch of salt in warm water and wash your mouth with it. It reduces gum swelling and increases circulation.
  • To get rid of the collected tartar, add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil on your toothpaste.
  • Depending on the cause, some treatments may require regular medical monitoring and care and can include stem cell transplant, medications and infusion of clotting factors. Intensive care and hospitalization may also be needed.
  • Sometimes bleeding gums may occur because of vitamin deficiencies. It is advisable to take vitamin supplements to stop or slow down the bleeding of gums. In case if you are not interested in taking supplements, then you should increase your intake of organic vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Another effective treatment for bleeding gums is using bloodroot that is available in the form of a paste. It contains a number of alkaloids which help fight oral bacteria. The paste is marketed as a cure for bleeding gums.
  • Depending on the cause and seriousness of bleeding gums, repairing or replacing broken or missing teeth and getting rid of dental cavities may be needed. Some treatments may also include root planing, scaling and antibiotics. If it’s a severe case, then surgery may also be needed.
  • Angle the toothbrush to 45 degrees while brushing your teeth. This will help increase circulation keeping your teeth sparkling clean for the next few hours.
  • A good clean up of teeth and gums atleast twice a year by a dentist can also help prevent and cure bleeding gums.
  • Rub or apply directly sesame oil on the problematic areas, possibly with a damp cloth, or by using the oil in your cooking. If used on a regular basis, it will soak into the gums and slowly show its magic.
  • Cranberry juice with no sugar added prevents bacteria from clinging on to the teeth.

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