Your child is about to begin his thirteenth year in a couple of days and enter the teenage world. Celebrate this day with a bang with birthday party ideas for 13 year olds, listed in this piece.

Birthday Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds

It’s party time again as the birthday of your little one is right round the corner! It’s just that this time the party’s gonna be a bigger affair. Because your child is entering a new phase of life! While every birthday party of your child is important, but when he/she enters the teenage world, you have plenty of reasons to celebrate and rejoice over. The thirteenth birthday of your child gives you a golden opportunity to become a kid again. For when your child turns one, he/she is too small to enjoy and by the time he/she celebrates his/her eighteenth birthday, he/she has grown up into an adult. As such, the ideal age and time to spend and create memories with your child is his/her 13th birthday. It is during this time that a child starts narrowing down to a group of friends with whom he/she would stand for the rest of his/her life. And after this, birthday parties will no longer be limited to just bursting of balloons or spraying snow all around (with a wink and a smile). Celebrate your kid's transformation from a child into an adolescent with a big whistle. To add to your celebrations, we present you some full-on birthday party ideas for your soon-to-turn 13 year old kid.
13th Birthday Party Ideas
Pick up a theme that will not embarrass your child in front his/her friends. The best would be to choose a theme that suits his/her interest and personality. Say for boys, you can plan a sports theme on his favorite sport or team. Alternatively, you can have an activity theme, such as hiking, camping, or conquering the wilderness. On the other hand, girls will find spa parties, mall parties, dive or princess themes, and candy themes exciting and fascinating. If you have a yard, you can host a luau or camp-out. If it is a coed party, a carnival theme will suit the occasion perfectly.
While the home seems to be the least expensive location to host any party, you can opt for other locations to give the teens more freedom to feel grown-up or mature. For boys, you can organize an overnight party, such as video game marathons or backyard camp-outs. For this purpose, you can either rent a hall or visit the beach, amusement park, or camping site. Bowling alley, local arcade, or skating rink are other options to opt for, for the location of the birthday party. Girls, on the other hand, can be picked up in a limousine, cruised in it around the town, finally settling down in a fancy restaurant. You can plan an all-day party at the amusement park or water park. These locations can equally work for coed parties as well.
Kids when enter their teens are highly energetic and attracted towards the opposite sex. Let them use this quality in an activity-based party wherein they exhibit their high energy levels and interact well with the opposite gender, in case of a coed party. For a boy’s birthday party, you can include paintball, laser tag, or variations of capture-the-flag to test the guys’ power. If your child is always into video games, you can organize a video game marathon for him and his friends. A small sports tournament or any game related to the particular sports theme can be other options. For girls, you can throw a slumber party at home or a hotel and include activities, like doing each other’s hair, makeup, facials, manicures, and pedicures. If your daughter is an active, outdoor girl, then take all the girls for hiking or rafting. Fashion shows, creating a music video, hosting a talent show, or dancing and singing contests are other options to choose from. Carnival games, like pie-eating contests and dunking booth can be included in a carnival party.
As kids, everyone loves indulging in all sorts of junk and unhealthy food. Let them enjoy this phase by including your child’s favorites in the menu. Pizzas, hamburgers, and hot dogs are preferred by most teens. To accompany them, you can incorporate soft drinks, nachos, chips, pretzels, snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn, and other snacks. Depending upon the theme you have chosen for the party, prepare the meal menu and serve it accordingly. Say, for instance, if it is a sports party, set up concession stands, or include a barbeque for a camping party. For a fancy dance or spa party, chocolate fondue fountain with fresh fruit, marshmallows, and other goodies would be ideal.
With the theme, location, activities, and menu ready on the list, get ready to rock and roll your child’s 13th birthday party. These unique ideas will help you create special memories that will last for a lifetime!

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