The best dogs for kids are those that are tolerant, playful, energetic and patient. Explore this article to find some of the best dog breeds for young children.

Best Dogs For Kids

Having a pet in a family is always beneficial as most adults adore their beautiful memories of childhood spent with their pets. While serving as playmates, kids learn to take the responsibility of a life apart from their own. Moreover, it teaches them the value of love. However, affection and responsibility can only be shared when the disposition of a kid matches with that of the pet. Amongst the various pet options, dogs are hot favorite for both children and adults. However, the task of selecting a pet does not end here, as there are umpteen breeds of dog available, which makes picking one an extremely daunting task. A dog should be one that is friendly, adapting, non-aggressive, energetic, and can be easily taken care of. Given here are some best breeds of dogs that are known for their gentle disposition. Read on and take your pick.
Best Dog Breeds For Young Children
Bichon Frise
As long as children are not harsh with this breed, the dog gets along well with children. The breed does not shed its furry coat and hence, is great to have for kids prone to allergies. Nevertheless, the dog requires regular grooming to keep it away from dog skin problems. It is suitable for an apartment life, since it does not need much exercise.
The Labradoodle is a cross-breed between Labrador Retriever and Poodle, both considered to be best dogs for kids. Moreover, the second or third-generation Labradoodles are more suitable for kids, since they are milder than their first generation and can easily cope up with the energy level of the kids. These dogs should be given their daily dose of exercise. They can adjust very well in an apartment.
An offspring from a Pug and a Beagle, a Puggle makes a great dog for young children. However, it is not suitable for kids with asthma. Pleasant, friendly and easy to train, this breed does well in apartments. Since both Pug and Beagle are prone to several dog health problems, it is best to have a background check before buying a Puggle. Overall, this breed makes an excellent companion with its cute looks.
Miniature Poodle
Miniature Poodle, a variety of the standard Poodle breed, is one of the best dogs for kids, due to its calm temperament. The breed can be easily trained, is hypoallergenic, requires a daily walk and suits well to the apartment life. However, the dog should be provided with extensive professional grooming to avoid skin problems.
One of the healthiest breed of dogs, the Samoyed gets along well with kids, even those who prone to allergic reaction. Though not high on energy, the dog should be given a good amount of exercise, such as a walk or an active game of fetch to prevent it from being lethargic.
Boston Terriers
Attentive, lively and easy to train, Boston Terriers are the best terrier dog breeds for kids, if they are introduced to them at an early age. They are hypoallergenic and suitable for apartments, but should be provided with 20 to 40 minutes of daily exercise.
Cocker Spaniel
The Cocker Spaniel is yet another good dog for kids, due to its affection towards humans. It is easy to train, loves open homes and does well in apartments as well. The dog loves being involved in activities and games like hide-n-seek. To maintain its healthy coat, the dog should be groomed regularly.
Norfolk Terrier
The Norfolk Terriers should be provided with good amount of daily exercise; else they tend to get restless. They get adjusted to apartment life and love kids, though supervision with kids is required.
English Bulldog
Though the English Bulldog is highly energetic during puppy-hood, it becomes relaxed and hardly requires any exercise as an adult. The dog is very affectionate towards kids, but should be kept away from children with allergies. Due to lack of exercise requirements, the English Bulldog makes a great pet for apartments.
Affectionate, mischievous and friendly, the Pug is a small, heavyset dog that is easy to train and requires minimal grooming and exercise needs. Being very tolerant, the dog is sturdy enough to play with kids and is fiercely loyal to its owner. The short, wrinkly face and cute curly tail makes this breed a favorite among kids.

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