To have food in an elaborately decorated banquet table can be a very thrilling experience. Read below to know more on banquet table decorations.

Banquet Table Decorations

The whole charm of a banquet rests as much on the feast as on the ambience of the place. And any celebration is more of visual appeal and gaiety that seeks to honor a person or an event. Sparkling lights, groovy music, scrumptious food and elegant decorations deck up the hall as much as the mind. And when it comes to dining, the banquet table holds the pride of place, for what else is a banquet other than great food and having fun. Realizing the importance of the banquet table in conveying the celebratory mood, special care is taken to decorate it. The experience of fine dining reaches an entirely higher level, when you are seated before enchanting centerpieces and having food along with cheerful friends. Stylishly folded napkins, good conversations and flowing champagne completes the picture. Charmingly decorated banquet tables highlight the theme and mood of the party, along with spreading the overall splendor of the occasion. Thus, it is very important to know how to decorate banquet tables for an enhanced dining experience. To help you in this, read the article further to learn how to decorate a banquet table.  

Decorating Banquet Table

  • Decorate the banquet table keeping the overall theme of the event in mind. Whether it is a wedding banquet or a Christmas banquet, decorating it according to the theme of the event is an important aspect.
  • According to the theme, select the colors with which to decorate the banquet table. You can also choose the colors according to the season. If the banquet is in summer, then you can go for bright colors or those with deep hues. Likewise orange and yellows will look great for events in the fall and whites and blues during the winter.
  • Make sure that you don’t overdo the decoration. Give an elegant feel to the banquet table using only hints of colors and minimal accessories. The banquet table should blend with the total look of the event.
  • In a banquet table, the centerpiece is the most important decorating element. There are a wide range of choices available for banquet table centerpieces. Select the centerpieces that go according to the theme of the event. Also, it is always better if you select the centerpieces according to the type of your guests. For old people you can go for sophisticated centerpieces, while if the guests include mainly family members, then you can go for the softer side of the celebration.
  • Create depth by decorating the banquet table with accessories with varying heights. This will also create an element of interest in the décor. However, you should also leave the view open so that the guests can see each other. A good way to do this is to use centerpieces that are thin at the eye level but expand at the top. But if you are uncomfortable with such dramatic height you can always keep the centerpieces below eye level.
  • One of the most common and traditional centerpiece is to use candles. Candles are the best to give the banquet table an inviting look and they are also one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate the table. Using a candle holder also heightens the effect, as there are innumerable candle holder designs that you can go for. Use multiple candles of varying heights and arrange them in any style. The pillar candles give the most glamorous effect, but you are free to use candles of any sizes.
  • Flower arrangements are another attractive way to decorate centerpieces. You can use the flowers as centerpieces or place them in stands around the table. A crystal bowl with colorful flowers floating inside is a very good option. Make sure that you use flowers of various shades and colors.  

The banquet table decoration ideas given above are a just hint on how you can go about decorating the banquet table. You can add your own creativity to enhance the decor.

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