Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and home to some of the most enchanting tourist attractions in Asia. Learn about the places to see and the various things to do in Bangkok.

Bangkok Attractions

Location: Thailand
Languages: Thai, Isan, Mon-Khmer
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
Time Zone: (UTC+7)
Driving Side: Left Side
Main Attractions: China Town, Erawan Shrine, Vimanmek Palace, City Pillar Shrine, Grand Palace, Jim Thompson’s Thai House, Thai Human Imagery Museum, Siam Ocean World, Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, etc.
The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok dishes out some of the best vacationing pleasures to travelers, with its cosmopolitan hullabaloo and traditional charm. Known as ‘Krung Thep’, amongst the locals, it is one of the best places in Southeast Asia, from vacationing point of view. Every year, many tourists flock to the place to bathe in its Oriental flavor and hedonistic delights. Be it its enchanting landscape, glittering monasteries, staggering shopping malls, inventive theme parks, exotic heritage monuments, pampering spas or its pulsating nightlife, Bangkok remains one of the best places to enjoy the true colors and flavors of Asia. To explore the various tourist attractions of the place and know what places to see there, read on. 
Bangkok Tourist Attractions
Sightseeing tours in Bangkok are a spellbinding mix of many tourist locales. Whether you take winding rounds in the vibrant area of Chinatown or soak your senses in the chirping Chao Phraya River, sightseeing pleasures in Bangkok are limitless. Those who value aesthetics should check out the impressive temples and monasteries (wats) of the place. Moreover, for those looking for an enriching exotic experience, the Grand Palace, the Vimanmek Mansion and Jim Thompson’s Thai House are not to be missed.
Adventurous Theme Parks
Families, with an adventurous head on their shoulders, should check out the exciting and fun-packed theme parks of Bangkok. They are especially a must-visit for children. From fantasylands, nerve-racking rides, mini zoos to water slides, they promise exhilarating day-out pleasures. The best of the lot is the American-style Dream World with its three fun zones – Adventure Land, Fantasy Land and Dream Garden. Another incredible place to visit is the underwater environment of the Siam Ocean World, with its huge collection of marine species.
Dazzling Monasteries
The temples and monasteries (Wats) of Bangkok, for their overwhelming stance and solemn ambience, should undoubtedly find a special place in your travel itinerary, while on a trip to the place. They flank all the corners of the city and form some of its major tourist attractions. Especially, temples like Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Arun and Wat Pho are very important from the tourism point of view. Apart from housing some majestic images of Buddha, they also present brilliant examples of Thai ingenuity and craftsmanship.  
Historic Museums
Exploring the museums of Bangkok can prove to be a lifetime experience for many travelers. There are more than 184 museums in the city, which are some of the best Asia has to offer. The National Museum and the Royal Barges Museum, with their royal heirlooms and ancient artifacts, give some good insights to the traditional Thai history, art and culture. Besides, the Bangkok Doll Museum is atypical of a museum and seems more like a colorful pleasure palace, with its assortment of handmade dolls in all shapes and sizes.
Luxuriant Spas
If you are looking forward to a cosseting spa holiday in Asia, Bangkok is the place where you should visit. The many spas located around the city, with their luxuriant ambience and rejuvenating therapies, promise a cathartic experience to all. Their holistic approach to beauty and health is what makes them so popular. Artful amalgamation of ancient Thai techniques, with modern spa experience, elevates you to renewed planes. These blissful spa therapies are offered in almost all the high-end hotels or private spas of the city.  
Shopper’s Paradise
When it comes to shopping, no other city boasts of such a variety as Bangkok. In fact, Bangkok is one of the best places in Asia to spend some moolah on exclusive products and accessories. There is an inexhaustible string of malls, most famous being the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall. Apart from being an extravagant experience, shopping in Bangkok becomes a reasonable delight as well, because of the presence of many flea markets and bazaars. The Suan Lum Night Bazaar is the best place for a good nocturnal shopping spree.
Glitzy Nightlife
Entertainment in Bangkok is highlighted by its exuberant nightlife. The city is the perfect destination for night crawlers and pub-hoppers, who believe in nighttime revelries and pleasures. The alluring nightlife of the city, boasting of pubs, discos, dinner cruises and transvestite shows, brims with various pleasures. The go-go bars of Bangkok are especially popular for their teasing pole dances. Moreover, there are live performances and cultural shows organized around the city, which make for some real exciting after-dark affair.

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