Are you often embarrassed at public places because of bad breath? If yes, then this article would be helpful. Read on to know what causes halitosis. Explore the causes and swish bad breath away.

Bad Breath Causes

Medically termed as halitosis, bad breath is a condition wherein repulsive odor comes from the breath of a person. Bad breath is common among individuals around the world and is usually caused by the formation of oral bacteria in the mouth. The condition has become more of a social stigma for an individual rather than being a serious problem to the physical health. If you were of the opinion that bad breath is caused due to eating or drinking consumables that are especially odorous, here is a revelation. There are many causes for the formation of bacteria in a person’s mouth that may result in bad breath, than just odorous food. In the following lines, we have provided detailed information about what causes halitosis. Have a look at them and know for yourself.
What Causes Halitosis
Poor Dental Hygiene
The most common reason for bad breath around the globe is the lack of seriousness about maintaining dental hygiene. After having food, if you don’t floss your mouth well, it is likely that some food would remain in your mouth, which would lead to the formation of bacteria. As the food is broken down by the bacteria, it produces a gas (hydrogen sulfide vapors), which emits a foul odor. Those who use dentures need to be all the more careful as they are at a higher risk of bad breath, if they do not indulge in regular cleaning.
Dry Mouth
Every morning you wake up and have a foul smell from your mouth. Do you often wonder why? While you are asleep, the secretion of saliva in your mouth slows down, leaving your mouth dry, which causes bad breath. People who sleep with their mouth open tend to have a more dry mouth and as such are more prone to the build up dead cells, which ultimately causes bad breath.
A decrease in the formation of saliva reduces the moistness of our mouth, leaving it dry. This condition is known as xerostomia. Dry mouth leads to the creation of dead cells in your mouth. And when these dead cells start to rot, foul odor comes from your breath. Smoking is the main cause of dry mouth, apart from certain medications and decreased flow of saliva during sleep.
Tobacco & Alcohol Products
As compared to non-smokers, smokers tend to have more dental problems. The intake of tobacco products leads to bad breath, due to the horrid smell that remains in the mouth as well as in the respiratory tract. Apart from tobacco, alcohol consumption also causes bad breath. Alcohol may cause dry mouth and digestive problems, which further lead to halitosis.
Medical Disorder
There are medical disorders that result in the formation of bad odor. Some of the medical disorders are throat infections (pharyngitis & tonsillitis), diabetes, bronchitis and chronic lung infections, sinusitis, acid reflux (GERD- gastroesophageal reflux disease), liver and kidney diseases, gum or periodontal infection, very low carbohydrate diets, chronic constipation and so on.
Food & Drinks
Certain foods and drinks, like onion, garlic and some spices, emit a foul smell after their consumption. Consuming these foods produce some peculiar and filthy smell. Coffee and tea may also cause bad breath. Meat and fish also tend to give foul smell overtime, if you don’t clean your mouth properly, after having them.

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