Baby shower thank you notes are sent out by the parents of the baby to the people who graced the baby shower. Browse through this article for baby shower thank you notes samples.

Baby Shower Thank You Notes

Putting together a thank you note to acknowledge the presence of a friend at your baby’s shower is really not a Herculean task. It’s not something that you learn from a textbook. It’s something that really has to come from the very depths of your heart. However, sometimes, if not most of the time, as hard as people try it really is not easy for them to put their thoughts onto paper. This is when samples or prototypes of baby shower thank you notes step into the picture to provide much needed help. The prototypes however cannot fulfill the purpose of adding that personal touch to your baby shower thank you note. That really is something that you just have to conjure up all by yourself, there sadly are no two ways about it. Take the time and read on to gain access to ‘samples’ on baby shower thank you notes. Remember, these are just samples to enlighten you with an idea on how exactly a baby shower note should look. Feel free to personalize your notes keeping well in the mind the framework of the sample notes.

Baby Shower Thank You Notes Samples 

Sample 1 

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for gracing us with your presence on Sunday. It was a pleasure having you and your family over.

I just loved the cute blanket and doggie rattle you gave me at the shower. You really have a penchant for finding the most adorable things. I also can hardly wait to wrap up my little one in the blanket and I also know he’ll get a kick out of shaking the doggie rattle.

As always, it was great seeing you! Thanks again for visiting and making my shower as special as it was.


Your name here

Sample 2 

Dear Viola,

WOW! Before I begin to thank you for coming over for my shower, I must admit that I am very surprised at your knack of knowing exactly what to buy. I mean, just how did you know that I wanted the exact same dress for the baby? I also really can’t wait to dress the baby in the beauty of the dress and take her pictures. I’ll make it a point to send you a few pictures too.

Anyway, thanks for coming over to the shower. It was great catching up with and find out in person about the happenings in your life. Your presence at the shower made it extra special.

Please do convey my regards to everyone at home.

Love always,

Your name here 

Sample 3

Dearest Carol,

From the bottom of my heart, you really are a good friend. Thank you so much for coming over for the shower. Thank you so much more for the gifts you clearly took time out to buy for the baby. I must admit that I am pretty grateful for those wonderful and heartwarming purchases you made.

However, if there’s one thing that caught me off my guard and if there’s one thing that I cannot thank you enough for, it is the gift you bought for me. I mean who doesn’t ‘love’ thoughtful gifts, for that was exactly what yours was. In fact all a large pregnant woman needs is a good book to keep her company throughout the day, and the book you gave me, surely was. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You again!

God bless,

Your name here

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