Baby showers highlight the arrival of a new human being which calls for celebrations! Here are a few must-play baby shower game ideas.

Baby Shower Games Ideas

Hosting a baby shower is no piece of cake. It entails eons and eons of preparation. Of course, this doesn’t mean you treat the task as a chore you wish to get done with as soon as possible. Remember how much of fun you had preparing for your birthday parties as a child? A new baby is coming into this world, celebrate the phenomenon in style. Gather the close friends and family members of the soon-to-be mommy and brainstorm on ideas that will culminate in an evening to remember. Making ostentatious arrangements promises to take your mind off the drab and mundane routines of life. Put your heart and soul into it. Your efforts will not go in vain as they stand as a intangible token of your eternal friendship and affection. Of course, your friend/mother-to-be will be the center of attention but do not forget to entertain your guests with a wide array of activities and games. Heat up the environment, create new memories and conjure vibrant smiles. You can make all of this possible by adding a series of fun inducing baby shower games into the itinerary. Read the rest of this article to steal a few ideas.
Ideas For Baby Shower Games


Delivery is due in a few weeks and a kindergarten child might accuse her of hiding the missing geography glass globe under her blouse. Yes, her tummy is the biggest balloon you’ve ever laid eyes on but do you know its actual size? This game guarantees loads of laughter as guests take wild guesses at what could be the tummy size of the to-be mommy. You don’t have to get in mathematical figures and measurements that would simply elicit a chorus of yawns. Distribute strings to every guest and ask them to cut them to sizes which they think will be the size of the pregnant mom’s belly. Later, collect each string and ask the mommy to try each one. The one who cut the string whose length is closest to the actual size of the tummy receives a special prize!
Name the Baby!
Count the number of invites that turned up at the party and cut out tiny pieces of blank paper accordingly. List down all the alphabets from A to Z on the left side of each paper. Circulate these papers among the guests and instruct them to write down the first baby name that comes to mind for each alphabet. Set up a time limit of 3 minutes to scribble as many baby names as possible.  The guest who has filled the maximum baby names within the time limit wins. Or you could give the mommy-to-be the liberty to choose who has filled in the most appealing names. Who knows? You or a guest might’ve just named the new unborn!
Who Am I?
 If the guests are feeling too drowsy due to excess wine, this game will most definitely wake them up! You have to inform each of the guest well in advance to carry a baby photo of themselves. Collect all the baby photos and shuffle them up.  Arrange them neatly on a square table and ask the guests guess who is who. Do this one picture at a time. Obviously, whoever has made the maximum guesses wins. This baby shower game ensures buckets and buckets of laughter and fun.
Baby Food Game
 For this game, all you have to do is go out and collect 4 or 5 jars of baby food and pass them around to guests and participants. Baby food can never be palatable for adults, especially when they have enjoyed the luxuries of fine and dine. However, to keep the competitive spirit, each guest will feel compelled to grab a taste from each jar and guess the "flavor". The one with most of the correct guesses wins!
Diaper Raffle
This is very advantageous to the soon to-be-mommy and if it works out fine, she’ll be ever so grateful to you! Make sure that with every invitation you add that whoever brings a package of diapers can participate in a draw for a grand prize! Yes, something along the lines of a lottery ticket! The hidden plus point behind this game is that the mother-to-be can spare herself the drudgeries of diaper shopping!  
You won’t be able to deny the fact that hosting a baby shower is one of the best ways to bring a new baby into this world. Hope these baby shower game ideas turned the party around!

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