Women across the world wonder what to look for in a guy, but fall flat the moment they see a hunk. Please don’t fall a prey to looks and take a look at what are the qualities to look in for a man.

What To Look For In A Guy

“Oh, my Prince Charming, where art thou? I have been meeting all ugly frogs till now and can’t wait anymore.” This is what most women think or say out aloud. And another sentiment that goes universally with this exclamation is “where have all the good men gone”. The answer to all is the same. Everyone is still here. You just need to look beyond the obvious exterior sheen to find that heart of gold. He could be your childhood crush or your all-time hottie, but if he scores just on looks, then know for sure that he isn’t the one. When you say you are looking for Mr. Right, then please be informed that just like beauty, righteousness isn’t skin deep. So you need to go beyond the looks. That doesn’t mean you settle for any ugly duckling that is kind to you; it means that go for presentability, charisma, communication and charm. Check out a few things that make a guy good and refresh your search criteria, you’ll definitely get the best deal.
Qualities To Look In For In A Man
No, no shilly-shallying please! Interesting guys are sure about themselves. If he isn’t sure and comfortable about himself after all these years with himself, how can he possibly be strong enough for you? The shy types have their own charm, but if you want someone to be there for you on any given day, then that cutie better be confident in things that matter.
A humble request to all you ladies out there - avoid the boring, self obsessed and serious ones like plague. Nothing’s happening there if your eye candy cannot make you laugh - and laughs do not mean the fake ones. A relationship has to be fun and for that to happen your boy has to be good at making and dealing with humour.
Don’t even think about falling for that cute dumb guy. If he can’t chat with you, the connection wouldn’t last long. Start with long talks and then give in to your other temptations. Everything fades with time, but that verbal chemistry stays and survives for the loner years that follow.
Stability is one important quality to look in for, lest you spend the rest of your life paying his bills. You may abhor the idea of settling down, but this doesn’t mean that go around with a liability. The man has to hold his ground. And even if you believe in him you need to have a timeline and his efforts must be tangible and convincing.
All women like men who claim to bring the sky down to their feet. And that special feeling is truly exhilarating. However, it doesn’t mean that you go out with a talker - you also need action. Fall for him only if he can keep his promises and not just to you but all. Practical can be boring, but only when in excess. A balance of dreaminess and pragmatism is most desiring and appealing.
The eyes have to do the talking. He shouldn’t be someone who looks away while saying “I love you”. It doesn’t work that way. If his eyes don’t do the sincere talking, then he isn’t worth it. The tongue may get all sweet, nice and deceptive, but eyes don’t lie.
It’s alright if he does not pull the chair for you in the restaurant. But if on a rainy day he hails a cab and dives first into it then we could have a problem. Further, if he refuses to drop you back after a late night date, then we have a loser at hand. Chivalry is must and he must be concerned about you and if he isn’t, you know what to do.
Remember, being with him doesn’t mean you can’t meet or talk to other men. And you don’t have to keep him posted with every day details of where and what you plan to do with your girlfriends. Loyalty is different from strangling. Good guys give you space, but then again not so much that they forget about you completely. Trust your feminine instincts on this, they would definitely show the difference!

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