Rolfing massage is highly beneficial for increasing the body's capacity for self healing. Explore the article to know what is Rolfing massage therapy and what are its benefits.

What Is Rolfing Massage

Do you want to pamper your senses and increase your body's capacity for self healing? If yes, then opt for the very old, but immensely popular Rolfing massage therapy. The therapy was the brainchild of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, who developed it in America in the 1940s. In this therapy, the connective tissues of the body are given a thorough massage. It proves beneficial for improving balance of the body, the range of the movement as well as the posture. Rolfing massage therapy is done to reorganize the entire body.
In Rolfing massage therapy, the connective tissue system of the body is considered the 'organ' of the structure. The fascia - the soft tissue component of the connective tissue system that permeates human body - usually gets contracted due to chronic stiffness, soreness or aching. This contracted tissue is stretched by Rolfing massage, which in turn leaves more space for other structures of the body to function well. The space created by it determines the proper functioning of the body's organs, bone or joints.
How Is Rolfing Massage Therapy Performed
Before The Massage
Before starting Rolfing massage treatment, the patient should give full details of his/her personal and medical history - information about lifestyle, occupation, past physical injuries etc. Thereafter, the therapist would observe the patient's general posture. If the therapist feels that the patient needs an effective Rolfing massage therapy, he/she would fix an appointment for the same. The process is very relaxing, wherein the therapist plays a soothing music in the background, all through the treatment. It is suggested to take the full course of the treatment, for getting the best positive results.
The Three Stages Of Massage
While performing the massage, the therapist makes use of fingers. In some cases, even an elbow is used to move the fascia, in order to stretch it and bring back its elasticity. Ten sessions are carried for the three-stage treatment, leaving a gap of one week between each session. The first step involves palpation, when the fascia tissues are closely examined by the therapist. He/she then figures out whether the person actually needs treatment or not. In the second step, the therapist discriminates or separates the fascia layers, which adhere to the muscles, which have been misplaced due to strain, scar or an injury. During the final stage, the therapist integrates the body, by relating its segments and bringing physical balance in the gravitational field.
Benefits Of Rolfing Massage Therapy
Rolfing massage therapy is highly beneficial for people of all occupations. However, the therapy is especially recommended for dancers, musicians, athletes and all those who lead a strenuous lifestyle. People suffering from stiffness, structural aches and physical stress can benefit a lot by Rolfing massage. Those doing white collar jobs form majority of the clientele of the therapists giving Rolfing massage therapy. It enhances the body's capacity for self healing. Some also claim that the massage therapy provides benefits for the lifetime, provided it is done by a qualified therapist and all the three-stages of the treatment are done correctly.

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