Passive exercise is a great way to tone the body as you go on with your other work. Explore the article below to know what passive exercise is.

What Is Passive Exercise?

Everyone knows the benefits of exercising but only few people do it. This is because most people have neither the time nor the inclination. However, imagine a scenario where you are lying leisurely reading a book and all the while, your leg and shoulder muscles are getting toned. Or you are cooking or cleaning the house while your abdominal muscles are furiously exercising. This is known as passive exercise where instead of you working on the machine, it is the machine that works on you. Sometimes, for those who are old or injured, another person can help them do the exercise by guiding them through the movements. Though, you won’t get the full benefits of a regular exercise, it’s better than doing nothing. Even experts agree that passive exercise do benefit the body but not to that extent as claimed by passive exercise promoters. One thing is for sure, that passive exercise will encourage you to go for serious exercise once you see the benefits it can do to your body. Read the article below to learn more on passive exercise.
Information On Passive Exercises
Whole-Body Vibration
  • Also known as “Power Plate” exercises.
  • Stand on the platform with bent knees at 30-degree angle. The surface beneath the feet vibrates 30 times per second.
  • The vibration makes the body think that it is falling and thus activates rapid muscle contraction.
  • Whole body vibration increases the circulation, muscle strength, and flexibility and also gives a better range of motion.
  • It also enhances the metabolism and increases the bone density.
  • It reduces the stress hormone and increases the human growth hormone. 
Chi Machines
  • Chi Machine vibrates the body area above the ankles. This movement and vibration takes place even when you are lying down.
  • Lie on the treatment table and place the ankles on the square chi box. The vibrations of the box will also vibrate the body.
  • It improves the metabolism, reduces the weight, increases the energy, relaxes the muscles, and also increases the oxygen to the cells. 
Electronic Muscle Stimulators: Ab Stimulating Machines
  • These muscle stimulators consist of a wide belt that is wired to a battery.
  • Small electrical shocks at regular intervals provide the stimulation when the belt is strapped to the abdomen. This stimulates the abdominal muscles.
  • Gives strong and firm abs. 
Inversion Boots
  • These boots are actually ankle supports.
  • These are strapped on the lower leg and are hooked into a rack that allows you to invert the body upto 40 degrees.
  • This will leave you dangling in the air.
  • Inversion boots are very good in giving relief from chronic back pain.
  • They also tone and condition the muscles that are involved in posture. 
Head And Neck Exercises
  • Make the person lie on his or her back with the head flat.
  • Support the back with one hand and the chin with the other.
  • Now gently bring the chin towards the chest by raising the back of the persons head and tipping the tip of the chin towards the chest. If possible, rest the person’s chin on the chest.
  • Another one is to put the hands on each side of the person’s face and turn it towards the right and then towards the left. Turn the head as far as the person is comfortable.

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