Though the results of exercise are wonderful, many people require a complete brainwash to go for it. Read the article below on how to find motivation to exercise.

How Do I Find The Motivation To Exercise?

Most people are invariably lazy, and if they get bored of their laziness, they sleep. They don’t have any time. People who are active are too busy doing things that feed on their energy. They don’t have any time either. In both the cases, the health suffers. It can’t be helped as the extremes in human lives are less likely to change. However, those who are active from nine to 6 and lazy the rest of the time, it requires a lot of motivation to change their track and do something that helps them. And exercise is one such task. For any person whose definition of exercise is climbing up and down of a bed, the very mention of exercise can lull him or her to sleep. The stick-and-carrot method won’t do, only motivation can raise them from their slumber. Once you motivate yourself on the values of exercise, you are on a good start. Like the immense difficulty some rats faced on who should bell the cat, you should not wait for someone to motivate you. The best motivation is self-motivation and this will get you started. Read the article below for exercise motivation tips.
How To Find Motivation To Exercise
  • Understand the various benefits of exercise. The thing that benefits one is the greatest motivator. If we truly ingrain in oneself the various ways in which exercise benefits, then one is more likely to do it.
  • Make a list of reasons for doing exercises. List the various reasons that you think requires consistent exercise. Don’t care if the reasons are silly like more energy to play with children to climbing stairs breathlessly. Make the list as extensive as possible. Read the list regularly to motivate you.
  • Doing anything alone is always boring. So, rope in your friend or a family member so that both of you can keep each other accountable. It is good to join someone who exercises regularly as watching him or her would be a great motivator.
  • Make a routine where you always exercise in the morning. In the morning, the body is more active and fresh. If you want to exercise in the evenings then you are more likely to get tired fast which will de-motivate you further.
  • Start slow. Walking or jogging is a great way to start. Once the lethargy wears off, you can then start for serious exercise.
  • Keep a log of your exercise routine. Note down the amount of time spent on each exercise and the type of exercise. In this way, you will get to know the average exercise time you spend per day. This is also a very good way to keep track of your progress. Any improvement will motivate you further.
  • Another good way to motivate oneself is to reward one. Reward yourself anything that you fancy on the completion of an exercise.
  • Make the exercise enjoyable. Listen to music while exercising or play an exercise DVD on the TV. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Set yourself realistic goals. Often you will be crushed under the weight of unrealistic goals. Don’t try to achieve too much. Set small targets so that it is easy for you reach it. Overcoming the goal is also a great motivator.
  • When you are starting, don’t try to be perfect. To be perfect requires a good deal of discipline, which will only come slowly. In your quest for perfection, you are more likely to leave the exercise midway or skip for a couple of days.
  • Make your exercise routine as convenient as possible so that it does not appear a burden to you.
  • Competition is another great motivator. Compete with your friend in various exercises and this will also help you in training harder.
  • Hiring a trainer is another good way. A trainer will understand your dilemma and so motivate you. Also, join a gym. Knowing the correct method of exercising is essential in sticking to the routine. If this doesn’t motivate you, then you can always exercise thinking of the amount of money you had spent on hiring the trainer and joining the gym.

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