Have you just bought yourself a new electric toothbrush, but are confused about its usage? Read on to find tips on how to use electric toothbrush.

How To Use Electric Toothbrush

There was a point of time when people used twigs to clean their teeth. This slowly made way to the traditional toothbrush. As time passed, there were different types of toothbrushes that came out - each of them catering to different needs, some even equipped with a tongue cleaner! Then, along came the electric toothbrush, in which electricity is used to move the head of the brush in an oscillating pattern, cleaning the teeth in turn. It is ideal for those whose manual dexterity leaves a lot to be desired, and for those who just do not feel like taking the effort to brush their teeth. Even if you do not fall into either of these two categories, chances are that curiosity has got the better of you and you have gone ahead and purchased a new electric toothbrush. However, you might be hesitating to use it, because its usage seems to be rather complicated. After years of using the good old toothbrushes, it is natural that you feel a bit strange to use an electronic one. The following tips will serve as a user guide, helping you know how to use electric toothbrush and making the whole experience simple for you.
User Guide For Electric Toothbrushes
Wash the toothbrush. This is especially necessary if you have just taken it out of the box as well as otherwise.
Apply toothpaste to the electric toothbrush, just as you would on a normal toothbrush. While the head of the electric toothbrush is slightly smaller, ensure that you still use the same amount of toothpaste as always. After all, the number of teeth than need to be brushed is the same.
Insert the toothbrush into your mouth and switch it on. Ensure that this is done only after you put it into your mouth, or else you will run the risk of having the toothpaste fall off.
Hold the toothbrush over your teeth and brush slowly. You do not need to use the normal scrubbing technique since the brush does that itself. Just apply slight pressure and move it around. If you try to apply too much pressure, you will end up damaging your teeth or ruining the toothbrush.
When you are brushing near the gum line, control the toothbrush well, or else your gums will get damaged and bleed. This can happen even to people with perfectly healthy teeth and gums. So, do not take anything for granted.
There is usually an LCD timer on the toothbrush. Set this to two minutes to ensure that you do not over-brush your teeth.
Once you finish brushing your teeth, turn off the toothbrush, rinse it completely and dry it. Never rinse the toothbrush while it is still on, as this could lead to functional issues later on.
Return the toothbrush to its charger or case once it is dry. Store it properly, in a dry place.

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