While living in a family, all of us have demanded something from its members. Have you ever thought or wondered what is important for your family or why and how is the family important to you?

What Is Important For Family

Family - the word so often heard, but its importance so less understood! In dictionary terms, a family comprises ‘parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not’. A family can be viewed in concise as well as broad terms. An immediate family (concise) of a person comprises of his/ her parents, siblings, wife/ husband, children and grandparents. While viewing in totally, we can also add relatives to the above listing. After knowing as to what exactly is a family, we can now move further to discussing what is important for the family as well as how and why the family is important for us.
What is Important for Family
There are set guidelines as to what a family considers important and what must be done by a person, being a family member. But, there are certain basic things that are considered important for making a happy family. The first and the foremost thing that is important in a family is love. Infact, the whole concept of a family, of the caring and sharing we undertake here, is based on love only. Family members are concerned about each other’s well being only because they love each other.
Without love, a family would cease to exist. Then, there is trust, understanding and devotion that make a family what it is. If you do not have such feeling towards your family members, the family will never ever be a group of closely-bonded people; rather it would be a group of individuals living together just because they have no other choice. Last, but not the least, the happiness of a family is based on cooperation by its members. In absence of the same, you can hardly expect your family to be a place where you get peace and comfort.
How & Why is Family Important
Often people have wondered how, or rather why, is a family important for an individual. This question has especially been put up by people who are living alone, away from their family. The simple answer to the question is that a family plays a very important role in shaping up the personality as well as the life of an individual. A family full of loving and caring members can make your life heaven, while an abusive family can make you see hell on earth. Leaving aside the exceptions, family acts as a safe cocoon for an individual, where he can find love when the whole world has rejected him.
Family members are amongst those few people in this present-day world, who will genuinely feel for you and worry about you. They will always be there for you, to fall back upon, when you have been disillusioned with the outside world. Though at times it feels that they are interfering too much in your life, it’s only because they care for you. They accept you with your mistakes and weaknesses and still love you. You will never ever be able to find a substitute for the love of a mother, a father, a wife, a child or a sibling. Those who are able to understand this, lead a secure life & those who don’t, remain disenchanted with life forever!

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