There are a number of contraceptives forms available in India, for men. To know more about male contraception, read on.

Male Contraceptives In India

Contraceptives are the best method for birth control and have been in use since ages. They are used by both men and women, according to their own comfort and understanding. However, India saw the advent of male contraceptives in 1960s, with the initiation of ‘Nirodh Program’. It was a government initiative under which condoms were made available to men at a nominal price. This was followed by another method of contraception for men, known as Vasectomy. It was a surgical method to stop reproduction, without abstaining from sexual activity. To know more about the male contraception in India, read on.
There are basically three contraceptive methods popular in India, which are used by men i.e.
  • Withdrawal
  • Condom
  • Vasectomy
Withdrawal method is a behavioral process, wherein the man pulls out his penis out of his partner’s vagina, before ejaculation to prevent pregnancy. To exercise the method, the man should urinate before intercourse, wiping off the tip of his penis. This is to eliminate any sperms left, after previous ejaculation. He can then have sex with his partner. However, he should be vigilant so that whenever he feels he is about to ejaculate, he should withdraw his penis from his partner’s vagina. As a safety measure, keep a spermicide handy, just in case some semen gets in the vagina or on the female external genitalia.
Pros and Cons
The withdrawal method is the most natural method of contraception and requires utmost care. The process is free of cost and does not have a time limit. Moreover there are no side effects and can even be practiced right after the birth of a baby or an abortion. However, there are some disadvantages associated with it as well. To begin with, it does not provide any protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Most men cannot tell when they are going to ejaculate. Moreover, some men do not have the will power enough to withdraw in time. Not to forget, before ejaculation, almost all men secrete a small amount of fluid, which at times contains enough sperms to impregnate and transmit sexual diseases to a woman.
Condom is the most preferred method of contraception by men, which prevents unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD), effectively. It is usually made oflatex and at times, plastic and animal skin. Condoms are worn over the erect penis before intercourse and hold the semen after ejaculation. Later, they can be removed and disposed. However, condoms made of latex are considered best for use as they are the most effective tools against pregnancy and STD.
Pros and Cons
Condom is a very effective contraceptive, which is easily available at reasonable price. Condoms even prolong sexual activity and can also be used as an element of foreplay. Moreover, they are available in a variety of colors, flavors, scents, textures, shapes, and sizes for your convenience. However, condom has its own limitations and should be used as directed. Though it is quite safe, yet it cannot be termed100 percent fool proof.
Vasectomy is a permanent method of birth control for men. It is a surgical process wherein the vas deferens are cut, tied, or blocked off, in order to prevent sperms from leaving the scrotum. This ensures the sperm are not expelled from the male’s body during ejaculation, thereby preventing pregnancy. Besides, it is an irreversible process and should be opted after great consideration; usually in the case when you do not want any more kids. However, it should be noted that the procedure does not bring any change in the sexual pleasure or sensation.
Men ejaculate like before, without any change, as only the sperms produced are reabsorbed into the body. In addition, vasectomy should be conducted only by a good health practitioner to avoid any complications. Though it is a completely safe and hassle free process, if problems like bruising or swelling occurs, consult your doctor. Otherwise, the method should be considered 100 percent effective.
Pros and Cons

Vasectomy keeps worries, such as using a contraceptive and the pregnancy of your partner, at bay. The method is permanent, safe, effective, allowing fast recovery and spontaneous sexual activity. However, it does not provide any protection against sexually transmitted diseases and is an irreversible process, leaving no scope for mistakes. Rarely, can there be any complications.

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