Stomach ulcer is also called peptic ulcer. Causes of stomach ulcers are more than just stress and spicy food. Read the following article to know more about the causes behind stomach ulcer.

What Causes Stomach Ulcers

What exactly is an ulcer? Ulcers are sores or boils that occur in the lining of your digestive tract. Gastric ulcers or duodenal ulcers are sores, which are found in the stomach or duodenum. Although this is neither contagious nor cancerous, when the condition becomes malignant then you have good reason to worry about it. Like all other things, it is better to prevent these sores from getting out of the hand than battling with a serious case of ulcers. Apart from spicy food and stress, results have also shown that bacterial infection can also cause stomach ulcer. The bacterium responsible for causing this infection is called “Helicobacter Pylori”. Alcohol abuse, overdose of certain medicines, smoking, burns, surgery and acidity are other significant factors that can lead to ulcer formation in the stomach. The symptoms that are sighted as a result of this condition include abdominal pain, loss of appetite, weight loss etc. Read this article for a more detailed overview on the causes of stomach ulcers. 
Causes Of Stomach Ulcers
Helicobacter pylori
An infection caused by the bacteria, Helicobacter pylori also called as H. pylori, is known to be the most common cause of stomach ulcers. This bacterium is found in the stomach and can destroy the lining of the duodenum tissue and can cause inflammation and most of all several small or large ulcers. It is not necessary that all individuals who possess this bacterium will develop peptic ulcers. H. pylori form the natural flora in the stomach. Only, when they start multiplying rapidly, do they damage the mucosal lining causing ulcers.
Pepsin And Peptic Acid
These are powerful fluids that are produced on a normal basis in response to the food you have eaten. Pepsin and other acids are required for digestion. Usually, the stomach produces a lubricant that coats the stomach and shields the tissues. It also produces bicarbonate to neutralize acid formation and most importantly, the blood circulation in the stomach can help in renewal and repair. But, when there are problems, formation of ulcers occurs.
Anti Inflammatory Medications
Non-steroid anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium are commonly known to cause gastric ulcers. Leaving aside the fact that they are causes of ulcers, NSAIDs treat several diseases. The only way that they fail is when they make the stomach vulnerable to harmful side effects of pepsin by reducing the production of bicarbonate. They also betray the stomach when they cannot repair and diminish blood flow to the stomach.
People who suffer from stress are at a higher risk of suffering from ulcers in the stomach. Physical stress such as injuries and burns are obviously one of the reasons for these blisters in the stomach. Mental trauma and stress can also be one of the reasons why people develop peptic ulcers or ulcers in the mouth. It is related to excess of heat being produced in the body. Those that have undergone surgery also have a chance of developing ulcers.
Alcohol And Smoking
Alcohol has been believed to be one of the prime reasons of peptic ulcers although no concrete evidence has been found. The only thing that is said for sure is that people who suffer from liver cirrhosis (caused by alcoholism) have a high tendency of acquiring ulcers. Smoking increases the chances of developing painful boils in any part of the body as well as raises the incidence of recurrence of ulcers.
These are a few of the causes that contribute to the production of stomach ulcers. Beware of what you eat and drink!

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