The earlier one starts leading a healthy lifestyle, the better, as is always recommended. Learn how to lose weight and stay fit right from teenage.

Weight Loss Tips For Teenage Girls

Teenage is the most overestimated and yet least understood period of a person’s life – when an individual is battling between expressing his/her opinion and becoming a victim to all the wrong images and inspirations. The more we try to fathom it, the less we seem to understand how the mind of a teenager works. They seem to want to have their cake and eat it too – they want to be seen as adults and yet want to enjoy all that a child enjoys, they want to spend time talking over the phone and still wish for better scores at school, they want to feast on junk food and still end up looking like a supermodel. The worst part is that they have all the wrong role models – reed-thin supermodels who remind us of starving populace of Somalia. But to scoff at their need to look good is to be insensitive to them. They need to be given the best guidance when it comes to weight loss. Here are some ways in which teenage girls can lose weight.
Weight Loss For Teen Girls
Kick The Junk!
The easiest way to lose weight is to remove most of the junk from what we consume in a day. That includes the fries (yes!), the pizzas, the chocolates, the chips, the colas, the golgappas… the list is endless. Don’t we all know how much damage these things did to us? It was all this that caused those pimples on your face and gave you sleepless nights. It is not advisable to say never have all these; just reduce the portion and frequency when it comes to eating junk food.
Fit V/S Thin
As a teenager, it is understandable that appearance means most to you and you would like to look the best you can. It is sad, however, that all you are deriving inspiration from all the wrong sources – thin, sickly “Size Zero” celebrities and models. Most of the celebrities and fashion models are thin, even anorexic because they are living not for themselves but for all those who watch them; you, on the other hand, are living only for yourself. It is very important that you understand the difference between being fit and being thin, underweight or plain malnourished. Remember, there are many unfortunate children all over India and many other parts of the world who have no choice but to starve. You have a better choice; take advantage of it.
Work Out!
Working out need not mean you go and spend your parents’ hard earned money for a lifetime membership of the nearest fitness center. You could choose to go for running, jogging, swimming, taking up a sport, dance and so on. You must understand that an exercise regime that works for others may not work for you; so you may have to find your own way.
Create A Plan
You must have figured out by now as to how much time you have throughout the day. If you are a ‘day person’, someone who is more active during the day and can get up early in the morning; try getting up early in the morning to work out. Then, plan you day in such a way that you end up thinking less about food. If, you are a night person and you find it difficult to wake up early, you may have to exercise during the evening or maybe even at night. Yes, you heard it right! Those who are more active during sundown exercise during the night, sometimes at midnight! The most famous example that one can site for such a phenomenon is Shahrukh Khan – he cannot wake up early to save his life, so he exercises at midnight.

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