Have you been wondering what the various types of education are? Glance through this article to find out the different kinds of education received by one.

Types Of Education

Education is the most efficient and effective way of teaching and learning the basic and advanced skills and knowledge. Being the foundation of our society, education encompasses our lives by stimulating our minds and molding them into intellectual ones. In simple words, education enables us to learn different ways of learning things and doing them. As compared to the yesteryears, education received by today’s students is more structured and conceptualized. While there was no formal education system in the primeval period, the modern days have come up with different types of education classified according to a person’s potential and age. Given here are some kinds of education followed by most of the countries. Take a look!
Different Kinds Of Education
Formal Education
Formal education comprises of the basic education that a person receives at school. The basics, academic and trade skills are exposed to the person through formal education. Thus, this form of education is also referred to as mainstream or traditional education. Beginning with nursery education, a person learns the various aspects as he advances towards primary, secondary and higher education. While nursery, primary and secondary education are received by a student at a school, higher education, or post-secondary education, is generally disclosed at a college or university.
Informal Education
Informal education includes educating one through informal communication and reading books. In general, informal education is edifying someone outside the basic form of education, that is, in schools, and without the use of any learning methods.
Special Education
Mentally challenged and handicapped students are educated through special learning methods, known as special education. For a student to be admitted into a special education school he is first evaluated on the various parameters of disabilities and accordingly, his eligibility is determined.
Adult Education
Adult education is the process of educating the adults as it aims towards educating an adult on literacy, other basic skills and various job skills. Also known as adult basic education, adult literacy education or school equivalency preparation, adult education can be categorized into three further categories: formal class based education, e-learning and self-directed learning.
Types Of Academic Education
Nursery Education
Also known as elementary or preschool education, nursery education is the first step towards gaining formal education. It includes nursery school and kindergarten. This stage marks the stepping of the child from the comforts of a home to the world outside. Nursery education is usually given to children between the age of 3 and 5 years.
Primary Education
After nursery education, a child is exposed to primary education where he establishes his foundation on various subjects, like mathematics, science, social sciences and language. Primary education starts from the age of 5 or 6 and continues on for the next 6 to 8 years. However, the age of primary education and the subjects taught differ from one country to another.
Secondary Education
Secondary education is the final stage that a child undergoes in a school during his adolescence. The education format transforms from a comprehensive primary education to optional and specialized training subjects. Here, he receives detailed information and knowledge on his preferred subjects.
Higher Education
Schooingl gets over with secondary education and a student now enrolls himself in an undergraduate and post graduate college or university to receive the highest level of education in his subjects of specialization. Also known as tertiary education, higher education is a non-compulsory level of education.

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