One of the must-have garments in any individual’s wardrobe is a coat. Surf through this article to discover the different types of coats.

Types Of Coats

Coats have distinct properties that display a unique personality and style. A simple and plain outfit can be given a little flair and exclusivity by donning a classy and attractive coat. There have been several modifications in coats over the last couple of decades, allowing one to pick up coats to be adorned on different occasions and events. And if you have just been thinking that all coats reveal the same look and are meant to be a mere source of protection, it’s time that you think twice. Depending upon the coat type and the inner suit put on, coats exude a different distinguished look, which gives an individual an entirely different feel. You have professional coats, casual coats and also coats that give a sophisticated appearance despite being informal. Let’s now look at the different kinds of coats available for you to choose from.
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Different Kinds Of Coats
Morning Coat
A single-breasted coat, a morning coat has a front that meets in the middle at one button, gradually curving away towards the back into a pair of tails. These tails are then topped up by two ornamental buttons on the waist seam. The name ‘morning coat’ has been derived from horseback riding exercise undertaken by gentlemen in the 19th century. Initially a casual form of half dress, a morning coat now has become the frock coat adorned as formal day wear or full dress. You can find men wearing morning coats at weddings, formal baptisms, funerals, and in races.
Basque Coat
A Basque coat, also known as torsolette, is a popular women’s apparel. This French term refers to a long corset or jacket typified by a close, contoured fit that extends past the waistline over the hips. This coat is named Basque, probably because it is derived from the Basques, and adopted by French and English, thereafter.
Evening Coat
Apart from providing sufficient warmth to the wearer, an evening coat should also exude glamour and charisma. Faux fur coats and wool blend coats are the finest examples of evening coats. While soft fur coats reveal a classic look and luxurious feeling, wool coats display classy appearance and look best when worn over a dress. Working women are often seen donning simple evening coats to workplaces.
Weekend Coat
If you have had enough of formal coats, then a weekend coat is one to look out for. Slip into a weekend coat and you are set to relax and mingle with your friends and family. For a more casual look, you can try suede coats that are more suitable for weekend activities. Conversely, reveal a sporty look with parkas that come in different colors. If you prefer to enjoy the chilly winter season, choose long coats that provide warmer feelings. Or, sport a short coat for a more casual style.
Dinner Coat
Dinner coats are a dress code for semi-formal and formal evening events, but are often worn at various social functions as well. The basic component of a formal event is the jacket, known as a dinner coat. Though it is generally black, but one can find men wearing midnight blue colored dinner coats as well. This is complemented by a black tie. While the British refer to this jacket as a dinner coat, it is popularly referred to as a tuxedo in Canada and USA.
Spencer Coat
Originated in the 1970s, a Spencer coat was a woolen outer tail-coat with its tails chopped off. It was a waist-length, double-breasted man’s jacket that found its place over a long-tailed coat worn as an extra covering. It was usually worn by military officials and decorated with medals in a distinguished manner.

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