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Turmeric Tea Benefits

What happens when two of India’s most consumed items, turmeric and tea, are mixed together? You get turmeric tea, what else? If you were expecting balls of fire to fall down from heaven, then you may be disappointed. However, the benefits of having a cup of tea with a pinch of turmeric is nothing short of extraordinary and you will not be disappointed. For the benefits of having turmeric and tea individually are renowned, so you can only imagine what fireworks they’ll cause if mixed together. To clear some misconceptions that may be arising because of what you just read, turmeric tea doesn’t use normal tea that we use otherwise, but is made up of turmeric and other secondary ingredients (none of which is tea grains or leaves).  The benefits of regular consumption of turmeric, the spice that adds life to your food as well as your body, are now being studied and have been manifested across the world. But the spiciness of turmeric may feel a little too hard on the taste buds for some, and to those whose tummies aren’t immune to spicy food but want to encash on the health benefits of turmeric; it’s recommended to prepare a tea made out of turmeric. The tea will preserve all the goodness of the spice and will not be hard on your taste buds. Mixing them together will bring out the best in each other in the form of most exquisite of flavor and aroma to pleasure your nose buds. Read further to know about the benefits of turmeric tea.
Health Benefits Of Turmeric Tea
  • One primary reason for why there are low cases of Alzheimer’s disease in India is the age old tradition of consuming turmeric and tea as a regular diet. For both have antioxidant properties and help make Alzheimer forget who it is.
  • The antioxidant property present in turmeric tea helps prevent damage from premature aging and keeps heart diseases at bay.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric tea help treat and relieve pain from arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis; if consumed on a regular basis.
  • Regular intake of turmeric rich diet helps prevent different types of cancers and even facilitates healing from cancer.
  • Turmeric tea improves blood circulation, helps detoxifying the body, and makes for a healthy liver. It also keeps cholesterol levels in check, thus curbing the formation of gallstones.
  • Regular intake of turmeric tea helps reduce bad breath, fight gums infection, and treats problems like gingivitis.
  • Consumption of turmeric tea helps people with diabetes by preventing the blood arteries from hardening.
  • Having turmeric tea on a regular basis elevates the health of bones and joints.
  • Regular intake of turmeric tea also elevates the digestive system. The stomach pain caused due to stomach infection can be sorted out by consuming turmeric tea.
  • Turmeric tea aids in skin cleansing, thus removing and preventing acne troubles. The acne scars caused due to acne outbursts can also be healed by the regular intake of turmeric tea.
  • For all those of you who have given up on losing those extra pounds, try one last time. Include turmeric tea in your diet and watch the extra flab vanish, for drinking turmeric tea would assist you in faster weight loss.  
This potent beverage is sure worth a try. Include turmeric tea in your regular diet and watch the health blues fade away!! Reap all the benefits that the beverage provides.

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