Tongue sore is a very common problem and effective treatment must be taken to cure it. Read below to learn the various sore tongue home remedies.

Tongue Sores Treatment

Sore tongue is a fairly common symptom and almost everyone has experienced it one time or the other. Though the main cause is attributed to a deficiency in the vitamin B complex, the sores in the tongue can be caused due to variety of other factors like eating hot food, drinking or even smoking. Sore tongue is very painful and makes eating and drinking a cumbersome and absolutely painful process. These small painful white colored sores or lesions are caused due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes, sores occur when anything rubs against the tongue during eating or drinking, or when there is an overgrowth of yeast called Candida. These sores caused, however, are not lethal, as they tend to appear and disappear within a span of days, without any reason. However, when there is no proper care, the sores can turn blood red in color and may even start bleeding. These can lead to severe complications and risks. Medical care should be sought for immediately. Nonetheless, normal tongue sores can be effectively cured at home with a few natural remedies. Not only do the remedies provide a relief against the pain, but they also hasten the healing process.  In the following lines, we have provided home remedies for tongue sore treatment.
Sore Tongue Home Remedies
  • Tongue sores can be cured quickly with glycerin. Regularly apply glycerin on the affected parts of the tongue. It not only relieves the person off the lesions, but also helps in relieving the pain effectively.
  • You can also apply butter on the sore. Though its exact effect on curing the sores is not known, butter is known to provide a soothing relief to the tongue.
  • Another way to treat tongue sore at home would be to make a concoction of honey and leaves and roots of the peepal tree. Grind them into a paste and apply it on the tongue sore.
  • Gargle with warm water mixed with salt. This helps in cleaning the mouth, which thereby hastens the curing process. Continue gargling for four to five times a day to have positive effect.
  • Papaya is known to be extremely helpful in treating tongue sores. It is better to include papaya in your daily diet when suffering from tongue sores. Other fruits like green banana and apples are also excellent against tongue sores.
  • Curd and rice are very effective in treating tongue sores. The curd provides the body with the necessary vitamins and also alleviates the burning sensation, thereby providing relief. You can also include yogurt in your diet.
  • Foods that are rich in vitamin C like muskmelon, broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers and cranberry juice should be consumed in greater numbers. You can also go for fruits rich in Vitamin C such as orange.
  • Drinking a glass of warm milk mixed with half a teaspoon of turmeric two times a day helps in curing the tongue sore faster as the milk provides the body with the necessary nutrients that help in the healing process.
  • Another extremely effective remedy for tongue sore is to use alum. Place a chunk of alum in a frying pan to dehydrate it. Crush it to powder and then mix with honey. Apply this paste in the affected areas.
  • To reduce the pain caused due to the sores, you can place a wet teabag on them. Even putting an ice cube in the mouth will do the trick.
  • Herbal teas like chamomile tea and ginger tea are very good in treating the sores.
  • Stay away from spicy and hot food. These types of foods aggravate the tongue sores more. To improve the chances of healing faster, you should also avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. It is also better to shift to buttermilk instead of coffee or tea.

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