There are so many things that you can do on a rainy day? If you are falling short of ideas, make use of the fun activities for rainy days, listed in this article.

Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Rainy season brings with it not only happiness, but also a little boredom. Since it’s wet and messy outside, you feel that sitting at home is the best option. However, after a while, you also start getting bored. What to do now? How to pass away the time? Simple, indulge in all the activities for which you couldn’t seem to find time in the past few days. Read your favorite book, watch that DVD that is lying with you for so many days, catch up with friends over the internet, and so on. Need still more fun activities for rainy days? Check out the ones mentioned below and keep yourself amused. 

Things To Do On A Rainy Day 

  • The best activity of all - get wet. Jump in puddles of water and make splashes all around.
  • Have a film festival at home. Get all your DVDs and CDs together and watch an assortment of movies.
  • Who said the only place to go camping was outdoors. Pitch a camp indoors. For the purpose, make use of draping sheets.
  • Time to fly paper airplanes! You can get all the waste paper together and have a paper-plane fight at your home.
  • Rainy season is the perfect time to have cookies, with a cup of hot chocolate. Why not make them at home only?
  • On a rainy day, you usually avoid going out. However, nothing can stop from calling your close friends and catching up with them.
  • Play games as a family. It might be board games like monopoly or scrabble or even Sudoku puzzles.
  • Rainy day, with almost everyone at home, is the perfect time to delve into family history, remember some funny incidents and have a good laugh.
  • A rainy day means not much of natural lighting. Turn off all the lights and have a shadow-puppets show, with your hands and a flashlight.
  • It’s raining today and you cannot go outside. What better than to turn on your PC and start video gaming.
  • Have a picnic right at home. Get mommy to make some cold sandwiches, juice and lemonade for you. Sit down on the floor and have a picnic.
  • It has been ages since you last wrote a letter to your relatives, right? Take out a pen and paper and start drafting the letter right now.
  • What better way to beat water than by drenching yourself in some more for it? Go to the nearest club and have a swim.
  • Rainy season is supposed to be the most romantic season of all. Time to make your loved one feel special, what say?
  • The weather is superb and you are indoors. Just put on some rocking numbers and start dancing.

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