Tucson offers everything a tourist could possibly want – scenic landscape, good weather & ample tourist attractions. Read to know about interesting places to see & things to do in Tucson.

Things To Do In Tucson

Location – Arizona in United States
Best Time to Visit – Spring Time
Languages – Spanish and English
Main Attractions – Old Tucson Studios, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tombstone, Trail Dust Town, etc.
Also known as Old Pueblo, the Tucson is one magnificent city located at Arizona in the United States. The towering mountains, stretches of the cacti plant and the green canyons together make the Tucson city very scenic. The sunrise and sunsets especially are very breathtaking. Since this city is close to Mexico, you will also find Spanish and native American influence in its architecture, cuisine and festivals. With a weather that is just perfect, sightseeing in Tucson should prove to be a lot of fun besides the fact that you will have ample choices. An important note here before you start your Tucson tour – the correct pronunciation of its name is ‘too-sahn’ and not tuk-son.

The Breakers is one of the two popular water amusement parks at the Tucson city. It has the largest wave pool in the whole of Arizona in addition to five super slides and two tube slides. At Breakers, there is also a huge portion that has been set aside for children. Guests, who want to take a break, laze or rest beneath the huge colorful umbrellas and covered armadas. Breakers also has snack counters for mouth-watering drinks and eatables. No outside food or drink is allowed here.
Old Tucson Studios
Tombstone, Gunfight at the OK Corral, The Three Amigos - many movies have been filmed at this famous Old Tucson Studios. It has now become something of a cinematic legend. In 1995, this studio got destroyed by a massive fire, but it has now been restored. From here, you can get great views of the Tucson Mountains and the Sonoran Dessert. Furthermore, you can also enjoy pony rides, carnival games, stagecoach tours, exhibits and an opera house staging live performances. Shopping and dining facilities are also available. 

Desert Museum
Covering 21 acres, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum at Tucson can be easily said to be its most popular tourist attraction. Part of it is a zoo, whereas other parts comprise natural history museum and a botanical garden. Within the ‘invisibly-barricaded’ enclosures at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, you will spot numerous animals roaming freely. Endangered species like the Mexican wolf, thick-billed parrot, ocelot, margay, jaguarundi and the Gila topminnow can be seen here. Also do visit the interesting cactus garden or the Hummingbird Aviary here.
Tombstone is situated approximately 70 miles in the southeast of the Tucson city and is ideal for a day trip. A number of Old West legends like Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, etc. were born here. Tourists can enjoy gunfight shows and see the city park, museums and various historic buildings here. You will also find a cluster of snack shops, restaurants and small hotels here. You can opt to see the place on a horseback, stagecoach or even take wagon tours.
Trail Dust Town
A Glenn Ford film was shot at Tucson way back in the 50s and a number of buildings left behind got gradually converted into the Trail Dust Town. Even though the real thing was reduced to ashes in 1970, the complex was rebuilt. The new construction survives today as a fun commercial center consisting of the Pinnacle Peak steakhouse, museum, shops and other such enticements. Maximum shops open around noontime, but activity gradually heightens as the evening draws near. That is exactly when the toy train begins its nightly rounds and west wild shows kick start.
Atturbury Bird and Animal Sanctuary
Spread over 55-acres, this sanctuary is sited right at the heart of the Tucson city. Being home to a rich wildlife, it happens to be a popular but peaceful retreat for people. The most interesting feature is a mile-long loop trail that trails through all kinds of desert-plant life like mesquite, desert hackberry, fishhook barrel cactus, catclaw acacia and so on. You will also spot exotic birds here. The Desert Hummingbird as well as the Butterfly Garden form lovely spots for picnicking purpose.
Tucson Botanical Gardens
The Tucson Botanical Gardens is located in the center of the city and proffers ample spiraling routes, taking guests to great floral exhibitions, greenhouses, rooms for instructions, etc.  You will also see a remarkable display on xeriscaping, a technique of developing yards and gardens using minimal water in a desert climate. Also do see the Iris Garden, the herb garden, the unique tropical exhibit or the well-stocked gift shop.

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