Lucerne is a small yet popular tourist destination in Switzerland and offers varied places to see. Check out the tourist attractions and things to do in Lucerne.

Things To Do In Lucerne

Location: Switzerland
Languages: German, French, English
Best Time to Visit: May to October
Time Zone: UTC+1
Driving Side: Right Side
Main Attractions: Chapel Bridge, Water Tower, Mill Bridge, church of St. Leodegar, The Swiss Transport Museum
Lucerne is a small city situated in the country of Switzerland. It is one of the most noteworthy places in Central Switzerland and is even referred to as the focal point of the region. The city is located on the bank of Lake Lucerne, providing a spectacular view of Mount Pilatus and Rigi in the Swiss Alps. Owing to its scenic beauty and historical relevance, Lucerne is one of the thriving tourist destinations in Switzerland. There are a number of tourist attractions in Lucerne, to entertain the visitors that come here. To know more about the places to see and things to do in Lucerne, read on.
There are a number of places worth visiting in the city of Lucerne. There are a number of bridges here, of which the most famous is the Chapel Bridge. It is a 204 m long wooden bridge built in 1333. Another landmark in the city is the octagonal Water Tower (Wasserturm), which is a fortification from the 13th century. It houses some remarkable paintings from the 17th century, depicting historical events. Mill Bridge is the oldest covered bridge in Europe, and is one of the popular tourist attractions.
Mill Bridge houses medieval-style 17th century plague paintings by Kaspar Meglinger, titled ‘Dance of Death’. The dominating twin needle towers of the church of St. Leodegar, named after the city's patron saint, are striking structures in Lucerne. Though they were originally built in 735, the present structure was erected in 1633, in the late Renaissance style. The towers are remnants of earlier structure, while the interior are richly decorated. Swiss Transport Museum is also worth visiting place as it exhibits all forms of transport, including locomotives, automobiles, ships and aircraft.
Cultural Entertainment
Lucerne houses a number of exciting and entertaining festivals every year. Towards the end of the winter, the Carnival is organized, which is the major attraction here. Lucerne Carnival begins on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday and is followed by big parades on Dirty Thursday and the following Monday, called Fat Monday, attracting thousands of people. The Carnival ends on Fat Tuesday evening, with a vibrant parade that includes big bands, lights and lanterns. 

The music lovers must visit Lucerne during summers, when the Lucerne Festival for classical music takes place. Lucerne Festival Orchestra comprises of some of the finest instrumentalists in the world. In July, Blue Balls Festival is organized at the Lake Promenade and halls of the Culture and Convention Center, featuring jazz, blues and funk music. Lucerne also hosts the Festival Rose d'Or for television entertainment and the well-known comic festival, Fumetto, which attracts phenomenal international audience.

Water Tower Lucerne  
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