Chile has a lot of tourist attractions and places to see for tourists. Check out the fun things to do in Chile.

Things To Do In Chile

Location: Western coast of South America
Chile Tourist Attraction
Language: Spanish and English
Best Time to Visit: October to March
Time Zone: GMT - 4 hours
Driving Side: Right Side
Main Attractions: Unexplored wilderness, volcanic mountains, national parks, beaches, etc.
One of the most beautiful and scenic destinations in South America is Chile. Located on the long and narrow western stretch of the continent, Chile is known for its beaches, glaciers and volcanic mountains. With nature in its best and most diverse forms, Chile is the ideal destination for all those who love to be intrigued by the wilderness and mystical places. The capital city of Chile is Santiago, which offers its tourists some of the best places to see and numerous tourist attractions. The topography of Chile is such that on one hand it has one of the driest places in the form of Atacama Desert and in the southernmost area, it has the coldest glaciers. This diversity of nature is something that should not be missed.
Bountiful Beaches
Chile’s long coastline makes it ideal for beach lovers to explore. Chile has many good beaches that let you surf, swim and also relax in the warm sun. Apart from that, there are many resorts and hotels on the coast itself, which means if you book well in advance, you can easily get a room with a beach view. Some of the beaches worth visiting are Vina del Mar (Chile’s premier beach resort), Renaca (Chile’s most extensive beach) and Concon (popular for surfing and delicious local food). The beaches are frequented by both locals and visitors and definitely must not be missed if you are planning to go to Chile.
Santiago - Capital City
The capital city of Chile, Santiago offers tourists a number of attractions. It is bordered by the Andes ranges in the east where you can go skiing. The place exudes a certain European flavor when you visit the main city. The architecture is primarily chic neoclassical, you can expect to see modern high-rise apartments as well as an elaborate underground Metro rail system. The city also has a number of restaurants and bars, hotels and clubs, historical museums, etc. There is something for everyone, be it an adventurous soul or an avid explorer.
Parque Nacional Puyehue
This is Chile’s most popular national park and it is situated in the Lake District, which is approximately 700 kilometers south of Santiago. This place is spectacular as it has two volcanic mountains, out of which one erupted and covered a substantial part of this forest in volcanic dust and debris. One can also find hot springs and geysers, waterfalls and a rich bird life over here. It is one of those places where you can be one with nature and explore natural beauty till it completely mesmerizes you. There are numerous nature trails to follow, stunning lakes to explore and even ski resorts!
Easter Islands
One of the major attractions of Chile is Easter Islands. The place is well-known for the colossal rocks that are carved to resemble huge human faces and are placed strategically across each other. The greatest attraction factor here is the fact that no one knows who carved these boulders and how did the monoliths come into existence. This one mystery intrigues people who come from some of the farthest corners of the world to view the mysterious boulders and the lovely scenery that surrounds.

Chile Tourist Attraction  
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