Everyone would like to get married in an exotic locale. Sail through this article to uncover the pros and cons of destination weddings.

The Pros & Cons Of Destination Weddings

Destination weddings over the past few years have graduated into a popular marriage trend. Couples all over the world actually pack up and get married at a locale, which has nothing, to do with their hometowns. What are these ‘destination weddings’ and why do they enjoy so much popularity amongst to-be-married couples? Destination weddings are simply weddings that are at place away from the hometown or city of the couple in question. A destination wedding is usually held at an exotic locale, a beach town, or a scenic hill station. This is exactly why destination weddings enjoy the popularity that they do now. Ask yourself this question – Given the choice, would you rather get married in your boring old city or would you move the whole affair to an exotic island in the Indian Ocean? However, destination weddings, in spite of being so popular, do have their flipsides. Take a step! Read on to know more on the advantages and disadvantages of destination weddings
The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Destination Weddings
Move The Whole Deal
Having a destination wedding will literally help you move the whole wedding to your chosen destination. There are resorts and tourism companies who offer services that can help you transfer all that goes into a wedding to the destination of your choice. Some resorts even have a ‘wedding consultant’ at call. This service will help take care of organizing and putting your wedding together. If you’re the kind who loves to splurge and can afford to do so, you can spice up your wedding by treating your guests to the thrills of the destination. For example, you can organize quick excursions, snorkeling trips or sightseeing. It all depends on the destination you’ve chosen for your wedding.
Limited Number Of Guests
The best part about a destination wedding is this—you will not have to treat a thousand guests, but you still can invite them all for your wedding. The whole idea works to your advantage, doesn’t it? Let’s say you’ve chosen South Africa as the country for your wedding. You invite everyone you’ve known all through your life! However, on the day of the wedding you notice that just a handful have shown up. This does not mean you’re an extremely unpopular person. It only means that not everyone came because of the money and time involved in flying to South Africa. So, this is how destination weddings work to your advantage. You’re actually getting a chance to fly away from the expenses that may have to be incurred to treat a thousand guests!
A Wedding And A Honeymoon
If you’ve chosen a destination that also doubles as an exotic locale, you can actually have a wedding and your honeymoon at the same place. There may be no need to travel to any other place for your honeymoon. Seems like a great advantage, right? Well, it really is!
Absence Of Family And Friends
Not everything about a destination wedding is rosy. Just like everything else in life, a destination wedding comes with its own set of disadvantages. Having a wedding at a particular destination may seem like double-edged sword when family members and friends you love cannot make it to the same. It really is as painful as that. An old aunt who you’ve always loved or a good friend may not be able to attend your wedding because of the travelling, time and money involved. This may even have you regretting the decision of having a destination wedding. However, looking on the bright side, you may get to spend a lot of time with the people who make it to your wedding.
The Myriad Complexities
Moving a wedding to a distant locale may not be as easy as you may want it to be. It requires a lot of planning and perfect execution. The visas, the food, the photographers, the furniture, the bookings and the list simple goes. Planning and executing the wedding can really reach dizzying heights, especially if you have to do it without the help of expert wedding planners. Look at it this way—to plan and pull off a wedding in your hometown or city will definitely require a lot of time, money, and efforts. How much tougher will it be then if you have to do the same thing in a place you’re not familiar with? Think about it! Now, would you still want to have a wedding in an exotic destination?

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