The French don’t get fat! That’s because they’re all on the French diet. Gain insight, read on the reasons behind the success of the French diet.

The French Diet

If you ate rich food, drank lots of wine and smoked a lot, do you think you would be on the heavier side of the scale. You most probably would, but then what would you say to the French? The French indulge in rich food, drink a lot of wine and smoke too, but still manage to look fit and thin. A mystery? A paradox? Is there a magic potion? Well, not really, a detailed analysis of the food and the lifestyle of the French can help you unravel the ‘mysteries’ that revolve around the French diet. The French avoid processed foods, and include yogurt, cheese, butter, bread, fresh fruits, vegetables, ‘small’ portions of meat and wine in their diets. They never really pig out at the dining table and are not fond of binge drinking. Do you want to make the French diet work for you? Learn to live and read on the reasons behind the success of the French diet.
The French Diet Plan 

Portion Control
The French believe in showing restraint when it comes to the amount of food they eat. Does size matter? Yes, it does. Reduce the size of the portions of food you serve, you’ll realize that the large portions of food you consume are not really a must and that you can easily do with smaller portions. So, this means that you get to have a sweet, but just not the whole sweet, maybe just half to appease your taste buds. This portion control can go a long way in adding to you health and overall sense of well-being. 

Time’s Taken
The next time you sit down for a meal, don’t rush through it. Take time to savor the flavors that are hitting your palate. You’ll learn to enjoy your food and you’ll feel a lot fuller by eating lesser. Yes! It’s true. This is exactly what the French do when they sit down to eat; they eat slowly instead of wolfing down their meals. Eating slowly gives the stomach time to send out ‘I’m full’ messages to the brain, even though in terms of the amount of food eaten, you may not have had too much. So remember, the next time your thoughts stray towards food and you feel like grabbing a bite, try to savor your food, breath, eat, and enjoy. Get satisfied, not stuffed! 

It’s About The Quality
Remember, your food should revolve around quality, not quantity. The French wouldn’t compromise on the quality of the food they eat, so, why should you? Foods that fulfill the requirements of quality (healthy foods) can also help you eat slower. So, it’s like a double-edged sword against putting on weight. Bread, cereals, yogurt, fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. are the kinds of foods that are included in French diet. Processed foods are shunned. The more processed the food, the less ‘quality’ it contains. You now know what to do – stay away from the obvious. Why rocket into an abyss of unhealthy foods? The choice is yours, make an informed one. 

The Significance Of Food
Food is given a lot of importance in France. Meals are like ceremonies. The French almost always eat at the table as a family, and rarely eat all alone. When you eat together, either with your family or with a group of friends, your attention is diverted; you’re not focusing on the food alone, the conversation at the table ensures that. You’re more relaxed and you’re eating slowly, this helps you eat lesser and better. However, with the lifestyles of today’s families, it’s nearly impossible to get everyone to the table at the same time, so if you must eat alone, try eating while listening to a soothing piece of music, this can do wonders for you too. Eat slowly and eat sans the guilt. 

Wine And Dine
The French love their wine; it’s a staple in their diets. Red wine is loaded with health benefits. It’s good for your heart and helps fight against gum diseases. Light drinking can help you lose weight too. Research has proven that people who enjoy a drink or two per day are more likely to be fitter and less obese than people who don’t drink. However, this does not mean that you’re allowed to go overboard. A drink or two per day is allowed, not one to two bottles. Small portions of alcohol and small servings of food are the way to go. 

Smart Snacking
Snack if you must, but snack smart. The French don’t snack too much; it’s a luxury they’re not willing to be a part of. However, if at all they do choose to snack between meals, the snack is usually a healthy one. They may opt for anything ranging from fresh fruits to yogurt. Sailing away from processed foods is something they’ve learnt to master. Achieving this is no ordinary feat, when you get the cravings, cravings that command you to eat ‘junk’, it’s almost impossible to say no. However, self-control has to be exercised, don’t give in. You can always opt for snacks that you know are healthy. Snacks that are made from basic ingredients are the healthiest, so if you must snack, snack smart.

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