Want to build a strong and successful team to take your organization far ahead? With this article, get great creative ideas for team building.

Team Building Ideas

Team building is not something that an individual is born with. It is an effort made by a group of people towards accomplishing the desired goals of an organization. Further, no company can succeed on the efforts of a single employee. For this, it is highly essential to introduce and practice unity amongst people under one roof so that the group grows strong and attains a lot more achievement. But this is something that we are taught in books since school time. However, practical experience is entirely different from theoretical explanations. To clearly understand these bookish theories and emphasis on organization objectives, many companies organize training programs called team building. But if you are confused about what activities to include in team building, the following matter should be of utmost use to you. Take a look at some creative team building ideas and techniques.
Creative Ideas For Team Building
If you wish to include lots of fun and enjoyment, then crossover is the best game to play. Divide all the players into teams of 5-6 members. Assign a leader for each team and blindfold the rest of the members. Write “bombed” on sheets of paper and place them randomly in an empty space. Assemble the blindfolded members on one side and ask them to cross to the other side without stepping on the sheets. To do this, they will have to listen and follow the instructions of their leader; lest they step on the “bomb”. In case any member steps on it, the team has to begin the game all over again. The team that completes the game with minimum efforts will be declared as the winner.
Watch Your Back
This makes as a great outdoor team building game. Divide the total participants into pairs. Make them stand back to back, locking themselves by their elbows, with their hands fastened at the stomach. Create a start line and finish line. Each pair has to reach the finish line in the same position in the least time. The team to do so wins the game. This activity will help building patience and cooperation amongst the participants.
Drawing Sheet
In any organization, breaking the ice seems to be the most difficult part. But ice breakers certainly help in uniting people and easing out tension and nervousness between strangers. For this purpose, drawing sheet is a quick and simple game to play. To play the game, you will need pens or color pencils and three sheets of paper. To begin, divide the players into three different groups. Hand over a sheet of paper to each team. Each member of the team has to draw a line. He then passes the paper to the next member who continues drawing using the same line. Each person gets only 5 seconds to draw. Allocate a facilitator to monitor time and speak out ‘start’ and ‘stop’. Finish off the game in one minute. Thereafter, the team should try to figure out what they were trying to draw and did the time put any pressure on any one of them or not.
Share It All
Though it is a simple team building game, it surely will help in developing team spirit within the corporate atmosphere. Depending upon the population present, divide them into groups of four or five. People who do not interact with one another too often should be grouped together. Plus, avoid grouping people who are always seen together. Ask every member to share three of his most impressive experiences in the company. This way, ask each person to find out common interests and experiences that he shares with other members. Thereafter, ask the groups to interact with other groups as well. This will help employees know each other and get closer, thereby creating a better working atmosphere.
Team Outings
Though you enjoy interacting and working with one another in the company, taking your team out would be another great opportunity to strengthen the team building process. However, instead of organizing a corporate brunch or dinner, find out a place to hike together. This will encourage people to open up and mingle with each other. Not only is this informal, but a creative and fun technique of building and promoting team building.
With these team building ideas, you can help build a healthy attitude towards the organization amongst all employees. Plus, the activities will induce them to face life with open arms.

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