Tablescape ideas make the eating experience all the more beautiful, interesting and memorable. In this article, find out some interesting tablescape ideas for different occasions.

Tablescape Ideas

Planning to invite your loved ones for dinner? Want to woo their hearts right from the time they sit down at the dinner table? Employ tablescape ideas and make the whole experience of having food a very special and memorable one for your guests. Tablescape refers to all those decorating and catering elements which you amass on the table to come out with a single element look. Apart from this, tablescaping also includes entertaining the people having food. In a layman language, it can be described as an act of decorating the top of the table. Tablescaping changes the whole ambience of the dining table. It gives the desolate and mostly dull table a unique look and sets the mood for the dinner. Tablescaping, sometimes, also expresses the emotions of the people having food. It is mostly done according to the kind of occasion and theme. One can pool out the creativity to decorate the table in the most unique and beautiful way. A table demands a different look for different occasion. While a wedding party requires elaborate tablescaping, something as simple as placing a bonsai plant on the table is enough for a coffee date. Read on to know tablescaping ideas for different occasions.
Ideas For Tablescape
For Coffee Table
  • Firstly you need to make sure that the table and chair are comfortable and relaxing. After all, what use is an appetizing, aromatic coffee if the table is shaky and the chair uncomfortable?
  • Try to keep a tiny plant on the coffee table to give a fresh and natural feel. While bonsai looks good for a setting of two, small flowering plant can be best suited for a large table. However, whatever it is, make sure it does not block the view for the people sitting at the table.  A single flower in a crystal vase also looks fine.
  • Coffee table should be theme-based and match to the rest of the elements of the house. It should not be odd one out.
  • In case you are placing coasters on the table, make sure that they go with the theme of the party or the table cover/top.
  • Coffee table is incomplete without a book on it. So always place some books to read while drinking coffee.
  • While tablescaping for a coffee table, know that simplicity is key. Anything over-the-top or loud should be avoided. The decoration should be subtle and elegant at the same time.
For Candlelit Dinner
  • While candles may sound ah-so-romantic and enticing, make sure that you place the candles on the safest place on the table, lest somebody gets hurt. This would definitely ruin the entire dinning experience.
  • Place very few candles on the table, as too many may unnecessary raise the temperature and destroy the mood.
  • The height of the candle should also be taken into consideration. Candles should be below eye level so that the diners can communicate with each other without the candle obstructing their view.
  • The table cover and the seat covers should be in light-colored linen. This would give the entire dinning space a luxurious feel.
  • The cutlery you choose also counts when it comes to tablescaping for a candle light dinner. Crockery in bone china or glass should be the pick. Go for elegant and sleek ones. Put away anything that is bulky and gives a robust appearance.
For Weddings
  • Tablescaping for a wedding party depends a lot on the theme of the wedding. Whatever is the theme of the wedding, the table would also reflect the same. For instance, it is a beach-themed wedding, the table should have light linen covers and sea shells and other similar objects as centerpieces.
  • The color coordination should be such that it complements the theme of the celebration. Revolve all the wedding table decoration ideas around the couple. Red, gold, fuchsia pink, deep blue and bright green are the top picks for the décor. Add silver and white, as these colors add depth to the whole décor and bring out the effectiveness of the adornment.
  • Enter a wedding venue devoid of flowers and you would instantly feel the glitch. What is wedding without the fragrance, beauty and appeal of the flowers? Flowers form an essential component of wedding. Their contribution can be seen on the table as well. Exotic flowers when placed in an interesting manner, is the key to having a perfect table décor for a wedding ceremony.
  • What use is a beautifully decorated table if it does not have an equally adorned chair to complement it? Refurbish the look of the chair by wrapping it with a neat single shade cloth. Use ribbons made up of satin to decorate the back of the chair.
  • Candles also hold importance on the wedding table. It’s not necessary to light them; just placing them on the table gives a soothing and romantic touch.
For Parties
  • Buy decoration items which are inexpensive but at the same time, makes the table look beautiful. The décor should be such that it does not give an empty look to the table.
  • For a birthday party, favors can form the centerpiece of the table. Wrap the favors in attractive paper wraps and place them strategically. While leaving, guests can pick them from the table.
  • If you are going for self service in the party, always arrange the food and cutlery in such at way that they are at reachable distance. Put the cutlery and plates which are not too much expensive, but do not look cheap as well.  
  • Make sure there is extra cutlery on the table so that people can easily take them if required and don’t have to wait for it.
  • Place enough napkins or tissue paper on the table. People need them often in the party. Also place dustbins so that disposables are thrown off and there is no clutter caused.

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