Planning to put in a goody bag for your next party? Go different with some cool and unique goodie options. Navigate through this article to find ideas for goodie bags.

Goody Bag Ideas

A bag full of gifts is loved and admired by one and all. After all, it contains different presents that come as a surprise package. Consider yourself receiving a goody bag and opening it to get one of those favors that you had always wanted to own. Such are the thoughts of the guests who receive goody bags at any party or occasion. Then, why not meet their expectations by coming up with a mix match of contemporary and traditional stuff allowing your guests to return home happily and contented. Don’t forget to wrap the goody bag in attractive and tempting papers decorated with shiny and shimmering trinkets for a more creative appeal. Find some elegant and cool ideas for stuffing your goody bags with knickknacks and tit- bits by glancing through the following lines. Take a look!
Cool Ideas For Goodie Bags
For Kids
Bring in some paper bags from a craft store and decorate them to fit in the theme of the party. Use colorful paper or gift wrappers to wrap the bag and deck them up with satin ribbons made from shiny gift papers. You can also add glitters, beads, stars, and other decorations to make the goody bags flashy and attractive. Coming towards loading the goody bags, you can use assorted stationery items, such as crayons, color pencils, oil pastels, stickers, drawing books, bubbles, puzzles, notepads, hair ornaments, etc. You can also make a tempting goody bag stuffed with all sorts of eatables, like chocolates, cookies, balloons, candles, and brownies. Nonetheless, kids are most attracted towards stuffed toys. Then, why not have a soft toy goody bag? Depending upon the age of the kid and your budget, you can stuff the goody bags with teddy bears, key rings, bunnies, dolls, Mickey Mouse toys, etc, in different sizes and patterns.
For Teenagers
Organizing a party for your teen child? Do not forget the goody bag. Add feathers to your sense of style with some unique stuffing. Start off with decorating the goody bags - you can use different ornaments, such as pictures, stickers, and sketches to set the theme of the party. If you wish to make pockets in the bags, paste separate pieces of cardboards to form the partitions. This will help you to separate the materials put in the goody bags. Once this is done, it’s time to fill the goody bags with different knickknacks and accessories. Small note books, music and movie CDs, hair and jewelry accessories, mini perfumes, chocolates, dry foods, and napkins are some stuff you can throw in the goody bags. However, if you wish to be gender specific, then you can choose from bath salts, bottles of lotions, costume jewelry, potpourri, flower-shaped soaps, hair ties, lip balm, and fabric cosmetic bags for girls. While for boys, you can opt from pocket knives, animal shaped soaps, footballs, shoelaces, baseball cards, key chains, colognes, and movie tickets.
For Adults
So what if you are organizing a party for the adult in your family? Goody bags, by no chance, can exclude from the must-haves for the party. If you have a penchant for designer bags and purses, why not convert them into a fashionable and cool goody bag? Design your bags with antique elements and latest decorative pieces. To gift electronic gadgets, rev them up with a technical appeal. Accordingly, wrap and decorate the bags to suit the goody stuff and party theme. If you do not mind spending a few bucks, then pen drives, headphones, ear sprees, digital cameras, and net books are some options you can choose from. In case you are gifting goody bags to girls, you have plenty of options; some of them being shampoos, soaps, shower gels, body lotions, hair spa kits, and body spa kits. Whosoever receives the goody bags, do not forget to add in chocolates and cakes. They are loved by guys and gals equally.

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