Spine pain causes must be determined in order to treat the condition of back ache problems. Read this article to find out about the causes that result in back pain.

Spine Pain Causes

Spine pains are common problems that affect people of all age group. Some variants of this condition can be neck pain, back pain, lower back pain and waist pain. All these pains occur for the same reason – spinal discomfort – as the functioning of these areas is connected to the spinal cord or the back bone, as it is commonly called. The spine, backbone or the vertebral column comprises of thirty three bones and all these bones have different functions to perform. An amazing statistic says that nine out of every ten adults in the world suffer from excruciating back pains. Bad posture, incorrect exercising techniques or even sleeping on wrong type of mattresses can all give rise to spine pains. Depending upon the duration of the pain, there are three sub categories under which each these pains can be categorised. Less than four weeks is considered to be an acute pain. Sub acute pain is when the pain duration is from four weeks till twelve weeks while chronic pain lasts for more than twelve weeks. Diagnosis and treatment of the spinal pain can begin only after the causes are determined. Read this article to know about the different causes for spine pain.
Back Pain Causes
During the day there are short bouts of muscular spasms which are also commonly known as muscle pulls that result in spinal pain. These last for only a short time and such attacks of back pain generally occur while bending down or lifting up a heavy object. Strenuous physical activities result in muscular spasms and lower back pain. These usually cure on their own after taking the required amount of rest. If the condition persists then consult a physiotherapist to bring relief to your state.
Slip Disc
Misalignment of the spine leads to a condition known as the slip disc. It is a common problem in nearly 20% of the world’s population but the good news is that only a few cases experience severe pains and need to undergo surgery. A slipped disc occurs when the soft area of the disc bulges through the circle of connective tissue. This prolapse may push on the spinal cord or on the nerve roots. The term 'slipped disc' is a misnomer – the disc does not actually slip out of place, but bulges out towards the spinal cord.
Osteoporosis is a condition which is determined by the occurrence of weak bones and this leads to fracture. Post menopausal women often suffer from spine problems due to osteoarthritis. It is also commonly seen in aged patients and diabetics.
Ruptured Disc
Ruptured disc or a herniated disc is another cause of severe back pain. A ruptured disc may occur due to rigorous exercise while playing sports or even in the gym. In this condition the central soft portion in the disc ruptures through the outer ring of the disc and comes out from the spinal cord. This rupture in the spine causes excruciating pain spasms frequently.
As we age, the spinal channel constricts due to reasons like arthritis etc. Medically this term is defined as Spinal stenosis. Osteoarthritis is a common problem as we grow old. As our bones grow brittle and weak, the spine loses its ability to take on the body weight. Severe back pain and spine pain are noticed at this stage in life.
Household chores like gardening, sweeping the floor and, most commonly, lifting heavy items can result in severe back aches. Slouching while sitting on the chair or even a freak accident can injure the spine easily. Neck problems are also commonly seen after an accident or an injury.

Spine pains are a bane to the existence. Good rest, massage and exercise are considered to be the popular treatments to get relief. Consult a doctor if the pain persists.

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