Your sister is all set to get married and now you have to deliver a sister-of-the-bride speech. Read on to know how to write a perfect sister wedding speech.

Sister Wedding Speeches

Sisters share a special bond and writing a speech for your sister’s wedding ceremony can be overwhelming. Usually, the sister of the bride is not required to give a speech, unless she is the maid of honor. However, many sisters do choose to give speeches in order to express their happiness on the big day. Moreover, giving the speech gives them a golden chance to reveal their feelings towards their doting sister and also be a star in front of the family members and friends. So, before you begin writing a speech for your sister’s wedding day, what are the points you should follow in order to make your speech a hit? This article deals with several important tips you must keep in mind while sitting down with a pen and paper.


Maid of Honor Sister Speeches

  • First and foremost, in order to sink into a proper mood and give a proper flow to your wedding speech, get hold of DVDs of a few romantic comedies. Films like “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, “The Father of the Bride” or “Wedding Crashers” are perfect examples which you can watch and derive to a conclusion as to what all you liked and disliked about the speeches. Watching old family wedding videos is another viable option. Seeing what went wrong in those speeches is as important as seeing what was right about them.

  • Now, relax a bit. Conjure up your thoughts and concentrate. Placing a happy picture of you and your sister in front of you can fasten your thought process. However, make sure you don't place a picture that arouses any angry feelings in you. This will block any positive emotions that you can come up with.

  • Begin the brain churning process now. Scribble down any details you can think of about your sister and her soon-to-be husband. Things like how they met, what was her reaction when she saw him first, etc. The list may slowly grow but once you begin to write, you will start coming up with more and more details.

  • Besides writing about memories involving the bride and groom, mentioning about your own bonding with your sister would add to the element of affection. Slightly obscure childhood memories are perfect, since no one else will talk about the same thing, making your speech stand out among the other hackneyed ones. You can also mention about a few shared experiences. Having done something together, especially if it is out of the norm, causes feelings of togetherness. You must have pulled something over on your parents at some point of your lives or came up with some queer idea of your own, like running away together and living with the circus. Try and recall the one experience that you and your sister were the most in sync. Write down your oft-cracked jokes as well.

  • While revealing personal snippets of your lives make sure that they are not overly embarrassing and should definitely not be something that will affect her relationship with her new husband. Avoid anything about sex or things she might not wish her husband or family to know.

  • Now, that you have a fairly done framework in hand, include lines which say things like how happy you are and how much you love your sister and her new husband. Also mention how much in love they are and how they will be together forever. This will help build further bonhomie between the bride and the groom and you will be the honored recipient of their blessings. Remember to be fairly sincere while writing the speech. You don’t have to glib talk and act smarmy. Neither would your guests appreciate your being blunt. Maintain a fine balance between the two all throughout your speech.

  • Now, thar you have included all the necessary details, check your grammar and put all the uniformed thoughts into proper sentences. Next read out your speech aloud to yourself in front of a mirror. Make sure your speech sounds cute and loving.

  • Don’t wish to ramble all through, do you? So, it is best advised to keep your speech short enough not to bore people around. This would not only keep the interest of the listeners going, but you would also be able to remember the speech well.

  • Lastly, the entire speech should have a happy tinge without being corny. Sandwiched with a decent layer of jokes, your speech should sound just perfect. Mind your facial expressions as well. Smile widely at the jokes and look loving and contemplative in the emotional parts of the speech.

  • Lastly, do not drink before your speech. You might stutter all the way or utter things that were never meant to be disclosed in the public.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned points will definitely help you prepare sister's wedding speech but these beautiful thoughts about sister will prove to be icing on cake!

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