Your best friend’s wedding is round the corner and you are given the task of giving a funny speech. How would you go about it without being corny? Explore tips for writing a funny wedding speech.

Funny Wedding Speeches

Have you ever wondered as to why a traditional wedding reception, which is otherwise supposed to be a grand celebration, is completely devoid of wit and humor? Even though humor is a universal communication tool and a major crowd puller, why is it that our weddings have come down to be such a serious, stiff and stilted affair? Is it because we’re just too tied up wrapping the event or because our feelings flow too high at times like these, to even think of humor? It’s understandable to get emotional and sentimental at the time of giving a speech, but would you not want your guests to smile and leave your party, instead of weeping into their wine glasses? Just give it a thought! After all, this is supposed to be a wedding speech and not a eulogy for a work colleague. So, how about penning a funny wedding speech for the D-day? Writing a funny wedding that would keep the guests involved is pretty challenging. It is, however, a thrilling moment and if properly executed, can result to be the most memorable wedding speech for everyone who joins in the celebration. Here are few tips as to how you should go about it.
Tips For Writing A Funny Wedding Speech
  • Good natured jokes done in good taste is the key to a well-prepared wedding speech. Being funny requires creative calling. While some are born with it, others have to work upon it. Doesn't matter whichever category you fall in; make sure you work upon your jokes so that they are classified as good humor. 
  • Even if you think that your wedding toast is not as funny as you read in the internet, try writing your own personalized toast. The wedding couple would appreciate this extra bit of effort.
  • Try to be both sappy and humorous at the same time. If you can make your guests laugh and shed tears at the same time, your wedding speech will be remembered for ages down the timeline.
  • Embarrassing situations can be really funny at times, but make sure they are not offensive and do not rub the bride and the groom on the wrong end.
  • Under any circumstances, do not narrate risqué stories about the groom/bride’s past sexual exploits. It may seem hysterically funny to you, but remember you are here to wish for the couple’s happiness and not end it even before it begins. Always draw a line to your humor.
  • Mostly talk about the good times that are yet to arrive rather than digging the past. However, sweet memorable trivia is more than welcome.
  • It is advisable to rehearse before delivering your speech. Impromptu speeches can lead to trouble. Draft your speech beforehand and practice it standing in front of the mirror.
  • You can recite the toast in front of others before the wedding reception to see whether the speech can actually make people laugh. Take their opinions into consideration to make your speech funnier and more personalized.
  • If you’re not confident memorizing your wedding speech, let it be. Instead use prompt cards. These are better than paper and surely a million times better than standing clueless when on the dais.
  • Frame your wedding speech in a short and crisp manner. It is better to keep the guests craving for more rather than being a drag and losing their concentration half way.
  • The first line of your wedding speech should be preferably funny. This will help you relax and make the guests fasten up their seat-belts for a roller coast ride of laughter and jiggle.
  • Try and follow the proper wedding speech etiquettes. Thanking and appreciating people will do you no harm; instead it would win smiles and blessings.
  • If the worst happens and you forget the speech, do not panic. Speak your heart out. After all, as you’re happy within, you would definitely come out with a good humoristic speech even if it’s impromptu.

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