It is your friend’s wedding and you’ve been bestowed with the honor of being the best man. Go through the article to get few tips as how to go about writing best man speech.

Best Friend Speeches

Are you chosen as the best man for your friend’s wedding? Many congratulations to you for the same! Now that you are privileged enough to be one of the most remembered souls of the wedding ceremony, getting on to prepare a memorable best man speech, which would make the crowd laugh and cry and leave for the night with a smile lingering on their lips, long and hard, is quintessential. Writing a unique best man speech can be daunting enough, keeping in mind that your speech has to reflect originality; should be humorous and witty without having a dry and sarcastic touch to it, should include somber elements and most importantly, should be well delivered. Carefully walking a fine line between sarcasm and respect, adding a personal touch and keeping in mind all through that the guests comprise of adults and children alike is your key to success. Traditionally, a best man speech is an ode to the groom. However, the bride’s gracious presence should be given due recognition too. Apart from this, the couple should be blessed and congratulated all through the speech. Since a best man’s speech is preceded by the bride’s father’s speech as well as the bridegroom’s speech, which scale high on the emotional quotient; a best man’s speech is expected to transform the ambience into a lighter note. Jokes and anecdotes are customary, while maintaining a formal tone. Browse through to know several dos and don’ts before you head for a pen and paper.
Best Man Speech Tips
  • Try to keep the speech short and sweet limiting it to approximately a maximum of 5 minutes. It is better to have the guests craving for more, rather than being labeled as a drag.
  • There are thousands of best man speeches templates on the internet. It is advisable not to indulge in any such act of laziness. Instead, write your own speech with sincerity. The guests would like to be treated with a dip of original cheese, rather than being told those oft-repeated cheesy jokes flocking the cyber market. Shedding few drops of extra sweat would be worth the effort.
  • Turn into a story-teller for the night. After making a list of all the interesting incidents which involve you and the groom, pick the one which is the most enduring of them all, describing your relation in the best possible way.
  • Opt for the “sandwich technique” of writing a speech. The opening lines of your speech should be best kept simple and respectful. Gradually move onto humorous observations and jokes. And finally wrap up your speech on a sentimental, congratulatory note.
  • The golden rule for your speech to be a success is being yourself all through. Even if you’re nervous, accept it jovially and make a joke out of it instead. The audience understands how nerve-racking public speaking can be. So, as long as you show the courage to carry on, despite your trembling hands, you would surely be treated to a gathering of sympathetic guests.
  • Do not forget to give an insight of the fact, citing an incident maybe, as to how your friend has undergone a change after meeting his bride. For instance, stress on how laid-back and careless the groom used to be before, but with the illuminating presence of the lady of his life, responsibility has become the watchword now. This would add a positive zing to your speech and believe it or not, the bride and the groom would be more than happy for this act of yours.
  • It is advisable not to drink before your speech happens. Even if you do, make sure you are in a position to deliver those lines without slurring.
  • Including personal stories and experiences can serve you right as long as they don’t turn offensive. Sexual indulgences of the past should be strictly avoided. You might find it hilarious, but remember this is not a bachelor’s party and supposed to be a formal affair.
  • Do not forget or mispronounce the names of family members while thanking them. Make a neat list of names beforehand instead of scribbling in the last minute.

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