If you can recognize the signs that your marriage is not as rosy as it looks, you may be able to either walk out of it or save it. Know what an unhappy marriage entails

Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage

At a time when marriages are breaking apart just because the man’s family refused to allow the girl to have an occasional pizza, and divorce lawyers are the only ones who seem to be profiting from the current scenario regarding relationships, most people tend to opt out of long-term relationships and marriage. Those who take the plunge too are not spared from the conflict of changing social mores on the one hand and old-fashioned roles of man and woman on the other. There are, however, some innocent (ignorant?) people who think everything is fine with their marriage and, before they know what hit them, their marriage goes spiraling down the drain and to the divorce court. Some care to sit back and take a second look at their marriage by consulting a counselor or shrink. However, if one looks out for signs that a marriage is turning sour, it could save them a lot of heartache later. Here are some signs of an unhappy marriage that you could look out for.
Unhappy Marriage Signs
New Hobbies
It is not an issue for you to worry each time your spouse leaves for his Sunday round of golf, it is when he stops including you in anything new that he does. Spouses usually like to spend time together or, at least, talk about their interests with each other. If your spouse would rather not talk to you about a new hobby that he/she has developed, your marriage is on the verge of going the wrong way.
More Work; Less Time
If you or your spouse would rather spend time at the office rather than at home with each other, then it is a sure sign that things are not right between the two of you. It is also a sign that you or your spouse may be spending all that time at the office only to avoid contact with each other.
Change In Habits, Likes And Dislikes
If you or your spouse start hating the same thing that you loved all these years, or vice versa, it could be a sign that you or your spouse are unhappy. Your husband may have hated smoking all his life, but if you suddenly smell tobacco on him one day, it could point towards a marriage gone awry. He has taken to smoking because he is not happy with himself, and such a man cannot be happy with a relationship.
Breakdown In Communication
If dinnertimes - which were times when you would sit together and talk - turn into lazily eating on the couch or grabbing a bite on the go, then the marriage is surely spiraling downwards. If you and your spouse talk as less as possible, avoid each other and would rather talk to your friends about serious issues like finances, children, home and so on, it could signal an end to the marriage.
Less Sexual Intimacy
Though hush-hushed, everyone knows that it is an important aspect of marriage. In fact, marriages break down only because of lack of intimacy in bed. If your spouse would rather bring homework than enjoy your company in bed, you are faced with an unhappy marriage. Even if the couple still have sex, but the intimacy, the tenderness and chemistry is gone, the marriage is as good as over.

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