Weed has been used for a long time for its psychoactive and medicinal properties. However, there are some adverse side effects of weed as well. Read on to learn more about them in this piece.

Side Effects Of Weed

In the past, weed or marijuana as it is commonly known was used extensively for its medicinal properties. However, this herb can have adverse side effects if used on a regular basis. In the US, the use of marijuana peaked in the 1960s and since then it is still the most widely used illicit drug in the country. With chronic use of this drug, psychological dependencies develop that can lead to social and psychological dysfunction of the user. People who are dependent on weed crave for it and need to use it more often to get the same desired effect. A person who stops using weed will experience withdrawal symptoms including troubled sleep patterns, nausea, depression, and irritability. Weed is today thoroughly abused and is one of the most common illicit drugs in the world. A person using weed for a long time takes very little interest in daily activities, and it interferes with his/her other activities and relationships. If you are keen to know more about the different side effects of weed, then scroll through the sections that follow.

Weed Side Effects
  • People who regularly smoke weeds have trouble remembering things.
  • Drowsiness and anxiety are common side effects of smoking weed.
  • People used to smoking weed also find it difficult to concentrate.
  • Many people addicted to weed become paranoid.
  • Red blood shot eyes are most common side effects of using weed.
  • Decreased verbal skills and addictive behavioral patterns can also be noticed.
  • Altered body temperature can be observed.
  • Weed users often complain of persistent headaches and nausea.
  • Decreased coordination, tremors and hallucinations can be associated with smoking weed.
  • Weed consumption induces appetite. Due to this, the user ends up eating more and putting on weight.
  • Decreased blood flow to the brain is one of the most adverse side effects of weed.
  • Decreased lung capacity and/or bronchoconstriction can also be noticed when weed is used in some form or the other.
  • Anxiety or panic disorder can be noticed among naïve users of this herb.
  • Other side effects of weed consumption also include nystagmus, a rapid heart rate, and woolgathering.
  • Users may also suffer from reduced muscle strength and have difficulty with mobility.
Other Adverse Side Effects
  • Experiencing dry mouth is another symptom common among weed users.
  • Users often appear to be confused and show poor cognitive skills.
  • Abusers may also suffer from short-term memory impairment.
  • Suicidal tendencies are noticed among people using weed for a long time.
  • A person addicted to weed experiences alterations about time and space. He/she will also have different perceptions about colors and might suffer from depersonalization (a feeling of self-awareness) as well.
  • Most weed users’ exhibit aggressive behavior.
  • Sedation and altered libido are other common side effects of this plant.
Side Effects Of Weed On The Reproductive System
  • It has been found that men who regularly consume weed have reduced testicular size.
  • Weed used during pregnancy can lead to exposure of the fetus.
  • Men may also suffer from abnormal sperm morphology and motility if they use weed for a long time.
  • Infertility, impotence, and gynecomastia are common side effects of weed in men who are addicted to weed.
Using weed for a long time can have adverse effects on its users. A person who has been using weed for long should undergo rehabilitation as soon as possible.  

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