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Sharon Stone

Born on: March 10, 1958
Sharon Stone
Born in: Meadville, Pennsylvania
Nationality: American
Education: Honorary Doctorate from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Career: Actress, producer and a former model
Sharon Stone is an American actress, most known for her leading role in the 1992 Hollywood blockbuster film ‘Basic Instinct’. The movie also won her a Golden Globe nomination. Her other major movies have been ‘Casino’, ‘The Mighty’ and ‘The Muse’. The first one has won her an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe, while the second two have got her Golden Globe nominations. Sharon was involved in modeling before entering Hollywood and has also been concerned with production for quite sometime. She also won an Emmy Award for her appearance in a TV drama series ‘The Practice’.
Sharon Stone was born as ‘Sharon Vonne Stone’ on 10th March 1958, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of Joseph Stone, a tool and die manufacturer, and Dorothy, an accountant. The second one of four children, Sharon was bright right from childhood and at the age of 15 years; her IQ was tested to be at 154 points. She skipped a grade in school (Saegertown High School) and was involuntarily transferred to Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. When Sharon went back to her college in March 2007, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate.
Modeling Career
Sharon Stone won the title of Miss Crawford County in Meadville. Inspired by her win, she decided to pursue fashion modeling and in 1977, left Meadville. She went to New Jersey and moved in with an aunt. Within a few days, Sharon was signed by Ford Modeling Agency in New York. The spent the next couple of years modeling for a number of brands, including Burger King, Clairol and Maybelline. With time, she started losing interest in modeling and decided to try her luck in Hollywood.
Film Career
After Sharon moved to New York, she gave her first audition for Woody Allen’s movie ‘Stardust Memories’. She got a brief, but memorable, role in the movie. Her next film ‘Deadly Blessing’, in which she had a speaking part, came the following year. In 1982, she was seen in ‘a blink and you miss’ role in ‘Les Uns et Les Autres’. The next year, she did a TV series - ‘Bay City Blues’, which was followed by Irreconcilable Differences (1984). She was seen in a number of other movies in the 1980s, none of which made a major mark.
It was Sharon’s appearance in Total Recall (1990) that won her the first major recognition. She also posed nude for Playboy magazine, making it coinciding with the movie’s release. However, the role that made her the most famous was that of ‘Catherine Tramell’, a serial killer in the movie ‘Basic Instinct’ (1992). The movie got her the first Golden Globe nomination. Following this film, she was listed by People magazine, as one of the ‘50 Most Beautiful People in the World’. The next major hit of Sharon Stone came out in 1995.
Her movie ‘Casino Ginger’ not only won her an Academy Award nomination, but also got her a Golden Globe. The same year, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located at 6925 Hollywood Blvd. If that was not enough, she was also ranked amongst the ‘100 Sexiest Stars in Film History’, by Empire. Her popularity continued throughout the decade and in 1997, Sharon was chosen to be a part of the ‘Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time’, by Empire. In 1999, she was rated by Playboy, as one of the ‘25 Sexiest Stars of the Century’.
In 2001, she was seen in an HBO movie ‘If These Walls Could Talk 2’, as a lesbian trying to start a family. Her appearance in three episodes of the 8th season of the TV series ‘The Practice’ won her an ‘Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series’. Her attempt to return to the mainstream in 2004, with ‘Catwoman’, was a major failure. Even her long-awaited movie ‘Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction’ (2006) was declared a bomb. Her latest movies were ‘Democrazy’ and 'Alpha Dog', released in 2007.
Personal Life
Sharon Stone first marriage was with television producer, Michael Greenburg, in 1984. The couple separated in 1987 and got divorced three years later. She got engaged to producer Bill McDonald in 1993, but the engagement did not result in marriage. In 1998, Sharon got married to Phil Bronstein, Executive Editor of the San Francisco Examiner and later, San Francisco Chronicle. The couple adopted a son ‘Roan Joseph Bronstein’ in 2000. Sharon got divorced in 2004 and is rumored to be dating Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson presently. She adopted two more boys - Laird Vonne in May 2005 and Quinn Kelly in June 2006.
Timeline & Filmography
1958 - Born in Meadville, Pennsylvania
1973 - Testing reveals her IQ to be 154 points, Skips school and attends Edinboro University in Pennsylvania
1976 - Wins the title of Miss Crawford County
1976 - Moves to New Jersey, Get signed by Ford Modeling Agency (New York)
1980 - Returns to New York, Auditions for a part in Woody Allen's ‘Stardust Memories’ and gets the role
1981 - Stars in ‘Les Uns et les autres Girl’ and ‘Deadly Blessing’
1982 - Stars in ‘Not Just Another Affair’
1983 - Stars in ‘Bay City Blues’
1984 - Marries TV producer Michael Greenburg, Stars in ‘Calendar Girl Murders’, ‘The Vegas Strip War’ and ‘Irreconcilable Differences’
1985 - Stars in ‘King Solomon's Mines’
1987 - Breaks up with Michael Greenburg, Stars in ‘Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol’, ‘Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold’ and ‘Cold Steel’
1988 - Stars in ‘Tears in the Rain’, ‘Action Jackson’ and ‘Above the Law’
1989 - Stars in ‘Beyond the Stars’, ‘Blood and Sand’ and ‘War and Remembrance’
1990 - Divorces Michael Greenburg, Stars in ‘Total Recall’
1991 - Stars in ‘He Said, She Said’, ‘Scissors’, ‘Year of the Gun’, ‘Diary of a Hitman’ and ‘Where Sleeping Dogs Lie’
1992 - Stars in ‘Basic Instinct’, Receives Golden Globe nomination
1993 - Stars in ‘Sliver’
1994 - Stars in 'The Specialist' and 'Intersection' 
1995 - Stars in 'The Quick and the Dead' and ‘Casino Ginger’, Receives Academy Award nomination and wins a Golden Globe for the latter, Gets listed among the ‘100 Sexiest Stars in Film History’ (by Empire)
1996 - Stars in ‘Last Dance’ and ‘Diabolique’
1997 - Empire lists her as one of the ‘Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time’
1998 - Marries Phil Bronstein, Stars in ‘Sphere’ and ‘The Mighty’, Receives Golden Globe nomination for the latter
1999 - Stars in ‘Gloria Gloria’, 'Simpatico' and 'The Muse', Receives Golden Globe Nomination for the last one, Gets rated among ‘25 Sexiest Stars of the Century’ by Playboy
2000 - Adopts a boy ‘Roan Joseph Bronstein’, Stars in 'Beautiful Joe', 'Picking Up the Pieces' and ‘If These Walls Could Talk 2'
2003 - Stars in ‘Cold Creek Manor’, Wins ‘Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series’ for starring in ‘The Practice’
2004 - Divorces Phil Bronstein, Stars in ‘A Different Loyalty’ and ‘Catwoman’
2005 - Adopts Laird Vonne Stone, Stars in ‘Broken Flowers’
2006 - Stars in ‘Basic Instinct 2’ and ‘Bobby’, Adopts Quinn Kelly

2007 - Stars in ‘Democrazy’ and 'Alpha Dog'

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