Planning a lovely picnic for the both of you will be a brilliant idea to spend quality time with your loved one. Read on for some classic romantic picnic ideas.

Romantic Picnic Ideas

A romantic picnic including just the two of you is just the excuse you need to head off together far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, family, friends and neighbours. Just sitting together, enjoying the weather, the surroundings and the company of each other is indeed priceless. When there is nothing to do with your sweetheart on a hot summer day or even a pleasant spring afternoon, fill the picnic basket with food and head for the nearest beach, or a hiking trail, or even a park or a lake would be just perfect. The important thing to focus on while planning a romantic picnic is the whole experience itself, not just the food. The location should be given much thought, and maybe a song to croon to your partner; if possible candle lit dinner would be a bonus. Including other activities like bird watching, hiking, swimming, rowing or even camping make terrific romantic picnic ideas. If you are searching for a few romantic picnic ideas, you have certainly come to the right place. Reading the sections that follow will leave you with good ideas on the same.

Ideas For Romantic Picnics

Romantic Locations
The reason for the picnic is to be able to spend quality time together away from friends and family. So, choose the location keeping this in mind. A quiet beach, a forest clearing by a lake, the backyard, a ranch or farm, or even a tree house with appetizing food to match are but a few options you might want to try out.

A Star Lit Picnic
How about a romantic night picnic where you can watch the stars together? Find a place where you can see the stars the best at night. It could be as simple as the rooftop of a high rise building or even a beautiful meadow outside town. Some candles will set the mood. Watching the sunset with your loved one, and a picnic under a full moon sky is surreal and magical.

A Wet Picnic
If a short journey is possible, choosing a spot with a nice view with a brook or a stream running by would be ideal. A lake, river or waterfall, a babbling rivulet or a gentle creek is all you need to spark up the romance. Bring along your swimsuits if the weather is pleasant, to splash around in the water. Many a romance has been signed, sealed and delivered in the water!

Sunroom Romance
Do you have a sunroom in your home? If yes, then what are you waiting for? All you have to do is to shift all the furniture to the corners of the room and place some cosy pillows, carpets and bolsters on the floor on a clear night and gaze at all the heavenly bodies from the comfort of your home with the person you are mad about. You can spice up the night sky with some chilled champagne and raspberries or other exotic fruits and some yummy chocolates as well. Make sure to use of a coverlet so that you and your love can hug up together and be warm and snug. Just imagine falling asleep in each other’s arms. Now, isn’t this a very starry-eyed picnic idea?

Romantic Horseback Ride
Now, this one is sure to get you all worked up. Have you ever mulled over a romantic horseback ride? If not, know that you don't have to own a horse of your own to take your love for a ride of a lifetime; you can just hire them in places which offer such services. Imagine taking your beloved on horseback for a ride down a lush green meadow, or around a lake! You can even pack some good food to munch on if you decide to stop beside the lake. Very romantic isn’t it?

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