Lose weight and get a healthy, disciplined life within a couple of months. Determination, will power and family support is what is needed to stick to rice diet plan.

Rice Diet Plan

Rice diet plan, also known as duke rice diet, is used as a weapon to cure various diseases as well as to lose weight in a safe, monitored and effective manner. It consists of high complex carbohydrates, low fat, low sodium and a whole food diet. The rice diet plan was invented by Dr. Walter Kempner in 1939, to help people suffering from diseases like diabetes, kidney diseases and hypertensions. The plan also stresses upon a healthy high carbohydrate diet and exercise, in order to provide a boost to the overall health, without becoming stout. The diet limits the intake of fat, sodium, sugar, calories and processed foods. People who use this plan religiously are sure to shed almost 20-30 lb in the first month of the diet plan. So, if you are game for disciplined eating for losing weight, rice diet plan is what you need to adhere to. To know more about the rice diet program read the lines to follow.
Rice Diet Program
Step 1
The step one of the rice diet plan consists of the actual diet. The first step speaks about the diet which a person following this diet plan needs to stick to. The step consists of three phases:
Phase One: It is one of the most difficult stages in the diet plan as the food intake is minimal during this phase. It is the detoxifying stage which has to be followed for a week’s time. In this phase, the dieter will not be consuming much food. Food items rich in starch such as brown rice and quinoa make the best choice for the person in the first phase of rice diet plan. The person dieting should also cut down on their intake of salt. Ingredients rich in saturated fat, like whole-grain bread, must be eliminated from the diet of the person. Fruits are allowed to be consumed only for one day in this week long routine. This phase is one which a beginner will find a bit difficult to follow as the.
Phase Two: The diet chart of the second phase is more or else similar to the first phase. This phase lasts until you reach your weight-loss goal. In this phase, you will get only one day of starches and fruits and five days of vegetables with a serve of non-fat dairy product. The seventh day includes more of protein, preferably fish. Fish can be substituted with organic free-range eggs or non-fat dairy products.
Phase Three: This is the maintenance phase. You need to learn to maintain your weight by sticking to a routine diet. You can consume fish or any other lean protein product twice in a week, in order to increase calories and slow down the weight loss process. Different types of food items, such firm tofu, little cheese, olives and nuts can be included in the diet. In case you are continuously losing weight even after following the protein diet, you should continue the extra protein diet to the third day.
Step 2
Once you have been through all the three phases of the first step, it is time for you to become a watchful eater. The second step of the rice diet plan concentrates on educating the dieter. There is no point in following something without knowledge about it. In this step, you learn the nutritional benefits of the food you consume and the reason for avoiding others.
Step 3
This step deals more with providing you rest and peace of mind. This is a step forward in helping you maintain your weight. This step concentrates on incorporating peace of your body and soul. In this step, your daily routine includes meditation, self-reflection and few exercises along with the protein diet, in order to keep you relaxed and at ease. The step is quintessential as it helps in making the body disciplined and getting used to a healthy routine of life.
Step 4
The step four basically works towards building a support network for you with your family, friends and co-workers. This step involves your loved ones and makes them used to your diet and daily routine. The step basically educates them to get familiar with what you require and what you don’t. Though this step might seem unimportant, remember, the family and friend support is vital in helping you stick to the diet plan and stay healthy and fit.
Things To Consider
  • The rice diet plan is very rigid and strictly restricts the intake of calories in the first two phases, in order to help you shed maximum pounds.
  • It is better to have a closed medical environment with the people from your family to support your efforts and monitor your progress towards achieving the goal.
  • Another point to ponder over is the low protein content of the diet plan. The rice diet plan also is low in calcium and vitamin D which calls in for an intake of a good multivitamin to supplement the dietary intake.

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