Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic tradition, which was introduced to the Western world only recently. Join us as we take a deeper look at the benefits of reflexology therapy.

Reflexology Therapy

Have you always been a believer of the notion that a smooth massage can quench any pain in our body? Be it just your head, a calf muscle or the whole body, a massage always soothes and makes us feel better. Continuing on this notion, but on a fairly larger and detailed scale is the ancient therapy of reflexology. Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the principle that there are different reflex areas in the feet and hands, which relate to specific glands, organs and parts of the body. It uses stimulation of these reflex areas, in order to affect the corresponding body part and thus relieves the body from any stress, which is responsible for almost 70% of all health problems. Some reflexologists also believe that by stimulating the reflexive areas, we can actually control the flow of “the life force”, which, then, heals the stimulated area. Reflexology is mainly of three types: conservative, interative, and perpendicular. In conservative reflexology therapy, the patient is kept in a reclined position. In interactive reflexology, the client can be lying down or sitting. He can also be taught to stimulate the reflex areas of his hand himself, while in perpendicular reflexology therapy, the feet are for a short time treated in a standing position and then in a weight-bearing position. Whatever be the type of reflexology you try out, you are sure to reap the benefits of good health and healthy living. Scroll down to explore the list of benefits that reflexology therapy promises.  
Benefits Of Reflexology Mail Therapy
Reduces Overall Stress
The first and foremost asserted effect of reflexology is a feeling of relaxation and a reduction in stress levels. This benefit is not new to anyone, who frequents spa or massage centers. Reflexology soothes the tensed nerves, thereby rejuvenating mind, body and soul.
Proper Blood Circulation
After reflexology sessions, patients tend to feel better, as the blood flow to various parts of the body is corrected on the application of pressure on various veins that pass through the reflexive areas. This adds up to give an overall refreshed feeling.
Pain Relief
Reflexology gives an instant pain relief in most cases. The pain may come back at a later time, but the relief provided is very evident, especially in cases of chronic pain. In some cases, if the cause of pain is some injury or fatigue, the relief provided through reflexology is sustainable and quite good. Reflexology stimulates the pituitary gland that releases endorphins, the natural pain killing hormone which the body has. This induces a feeling of well being and calm.
Revitalizes Body
Since the therapy reduces the stress and anxiety by miles, the body feels lighter. The energy level of the body goes up and patients tend to feel rejuvenated and more powerful. This basically results due to increased blood flow and proper nerve co-ordination.
Strengthens Immunity
As the body gets more energy and the hormones flow is balanced, the body functions attain a proper routine and with the added effect of de-stressing, the body’s immunity is improved.
Stabilizes Digestion
Another proven benefit is the improvement in digestive functions. Any stomach disorders that patients were facing before the therapy session tends to get cured.
Purifies Body
Through proper blood circulation and improvement of overall body function, reflexology also helps to purify our internal system. The toxins and negative liquids are removed from the system and fresh blood is pumped throughout. Even the kidneys work better, thereby purifying more blood and maintaining proper health conditions.
Detoxify The Body
Reflexology claims to detoxify the body, thereby adding to the overall well being. Crystalline deposits of waste products, usually calcium and uric acid accumulate around nerve endings and often lead to a crunchy feeling. A swelling or ‘squidginess’ indicates possible problems in the related zone. Working on a point helps crush the crystals and stimulate circulation, which, in turn, helps the lymph system to easily eliminate the waste products, thereby detoxifying the body.

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