There seems to be no better inspiration than a red carpet event to imbibe your favorite celebrities’ hairdo. Here we have for you few customized hairstyles for both men and women to choose from.

Red Carpet Hairstyles

Are you bowled over by hairstyle icon Jennifer Aniston’s hairdo in a recent award function? Or is your teenage daughter pestering you hard to get a Hillary Duff hair styling done? Much of what you see on the red carpet can be blamed on a stylist but the brunt of the joke always falls on the celebrity. Celebrities too are eligible for a bad hair day, isn’t it? However, more than often, you tend to go gaga over their sleek and shiny hairdos. Every one is not lucky enough to step along with the dignitaries and celebrities on the red carpet, but how about trying the celebrity hairstyles on your own hair and flaunting the look? If you are game to flaunting some head-turning style, grab the latest red carpet hairstyles in this article and get the hot and ravishing or sweet and sexy look.
Red Carpet Hairstyles for Women
Classic Hairstyle
This hairdo is simple to style yet looks elegant. Be it Penelope Cruz, Brittany Murphy or J Lo, this hairstyle has been a hit among celebrities and never seems to go out of fashion. After applying a straightening cream on your damp hair, blow dry with a round brush. Then, brush you hair back and twist it into a low chignon. Later, pin the chignon and fold it neatly with the help of hair pin and clips. There you are! You have your very own classic red carpet hairstyle.
Ringlet Curls
Are you looking for a sizzling Halle Berry look? This is a very sophisticated hairstyle with ringlet curls. All you have to do is to center part your hair first. Then apply curl enhancing gel or mousse all over your curly hair. Use a drier or iron to set the curls and make neat ringlets. Now, in order to keep the frizz at bay, set the longer layers in front and shorter at back with serum. And here you have recreated your own fabulous Halle Berry look.
Choppy Chic Hairstyle
Wish to look sweet, sassy, and sexy at the same time? Best suited for medium length hair, first of all get your tress chopped with uneven ends. Apply straightening gels to set them. Front locks or fringes will give you a sexy look. Experiment a bit by highlighting your hair or wearing colorful hair mascara on this hairstyle.
Long Wavy Locks
Style icon Jennifer Lopez is quite often seen styling this way. The long wavy locks will add volume to your hair. Try mixing the wavy curls with the help of hair iron and hold them in position by applying a hair spray and intense shine hair serum. Highlighting these curls will add glamour to your entire look.
Red Carpet Hairstyles for Men
Side Swept Bangs
If you’re looking for a haircut to enter the boardroom and nightclub touting the same look, this hairdo would serve just right. Whether you want your hair cut long or short on the sides and back, this fashionable fringe-styled bang haircut would give you a contemporary look.
Crew Cut
Dying to get a Sam Worthington’s Avatar look? Get a crew cut done. Gone are the days when only men in the military got this hairdo done. A crew cut is a style of cutting the hair, with the front bangs being of the same length. The hair is tapered uniformly at a shorter length at or near the crown of the head. However, before getting the cut, make sure that the hairstylist knows what you want.
Surfer Look
Wooed by the Owen Wilson look? Try this trend that comes and goes, but never stays away for too long. The hair is kept long and in layers. Those seeking the surfer look can get it in any hair salon or right in front of their own mirror. Apply hair gels, hair wax and pomades to create the perfect surfer or beach look.

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